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18 Reasons We All Felt Bad For Michelle From Destiny’s Child

by Emmy Griffiths ,
18 Reasons We All Felt Bad For Michelle From Destiny’s Child© via weheartit

Michelle Williams always seemed to get the raw end of the deal during Destiny's Child. It's got to be tough to be Beyonce's right hand man, but it doesn't stop us from feeling a little bad for every time Michelle was sidelined in Destiny's Child...

H/T to the incredible Tumblr PoorMichelle.

1. When no one told her to pout

2. When she was forced to wear trousers

3. When she had the clumsiest entrance at the Superbowl


4. When she was facing the wrong way

5. When her hair didn't catch majestically in the wind

6. When this meme told truths

7. When this seemed accurate

8. When she was not happy that hers was the only doll wearing trousers

9. When we assumed how it would go down if Destiny's Child went on the Titanic

10. When this guy hilariously threw shade

11. When this happened to their album

12. When she had to fight to be seen

13. When she rode on the underground but no one cared

14. When Twitter blocked her out

15. When she was finally centre stage and could NOT have been happier

16. When hers was the only Twitter account not verfied

17. When she wasn't allowed a bootylicious belt

18. When even Bing gave her a hard time

We love you really Michelle! Who is your favourite member of Destiny's Child? Tweet us @SofeminineUK

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