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This Brilliant IKEA Prank Could Happen To Any Of Us

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Brilliant IKEA Prank Could Happen To Any Of Us

One time, when I was about 11, my cousin and I got lost in IKEA. The idea was that we would meet my Uncle near kitchenware, but somehow we ended up in the lighting section with no idea how we got there. That's what IKEA does to you. It's a swirling labyrinth where nothing makes sense and getting lost is a certainty. That's why this prank, where shoppers are locked in a unit and unable to find a way out, feels so realistic. It could happen to anyone...

Norwegian pranksters Ylvis messed with shoppers at IKEA by waiting until they were looking around one of those neat little mini show homes and blocking the original entrance, preventing shoppers from going out the way they came in and sending the unwitting participants into mass confusion.

While some try to work out how they entered the showroom casually, others simply burst out laughing, accepting that they are going to be stuck in there forever. It's especially brilliant when other 'random' passersby casually enter the room to have a look around. Check out the video...


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