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This Theory About Rey's Parentage In Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Theory About Rey's Parentage In Star Wars Will Blow Your Mind

After watching The Force Awakens, there was one big question we were all asking ourselves: just WHO is Rey? She claims to be 'no one', but she is strong with The Force, has some sort of connection to Luke's lightsaber and can do killer Jedi mind tricks. While it's generally been assumed that Rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker, another awesome theory makes so much more sense...


Thanks to the genius of Ben Ostrower at Medium.com, here's why we hook, line and sinker believe the new theory that Rey isn't Luke or Leia and Han's daughter, but that she is actually the granddaughter of Obi Wan Kenobi. Here's why...

They both have British accents

This is probably the lamest hint in the movie, and the most obvious, but still. Of every Jedi character in the Star Wars Universe, Obi Wan is the only one with an English accent, so Rey's accent could be a big clue to who her family really are.

She can do Obi Wan's trademark Jedi mind trick

The ease in which Rey does the Jedi mind trick seems to nudge us towards Obi Wan, because he was very good at those, wasn't he? Some might even say it was his speciality.

Their costumes are very similar

It could be nothing, it could be something. But there is no denying that Obi Wan and Rey's costumes are pretty much identical of each other, and we think to think that the screenwriters are too smart to have let this happen by accident.

They both sneak around an enemy base

Episode VII paralleled Episode IV in many ways, with Rey's movements particularly imitating those of Obi Wan Kenobi. While he snuck through the Death Star, Rey escape and similarly evades capture on Starkiller.

You hear Obi Wan's voice during her flashback

When Rey touches Luke's lightsaber, she has several visions where you hear the voices of Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor say "Rey, these are your first steps." Any Star Wars fan with a good memory will remember that Obi Wan says something very similar to Luke in Episode IV, saying: "you've taken your first step into a larger world."

If Rey is training with Luke, the story will come full circle

When Luke was young, Obi Wan finds him and trains him up, so it would be a satisfying conclusion if eventually Obi Wan's grandchild was to find him and train with him. It fits so well!

Luke's lightsaber being drawn to her would make sense

Obi Wan kept that lightsaber for 20-30 years, and he had the responsibility of passing it on to its rightful owner, Luke. So it seems to make sense that Rey would be able to compel the lightsaber, particularly as she simply wishes to give it back to Luke, once again echoing episode IV.

Luke Skywalker would be far too obvious

Star Wars enjoys its little twists. From Darth Vader revealed to be Luke's father to Luke and Leia being twins, it always has something up its sleeve to surprise us with, which makes the explanation that Luke is Rey's father all the less likely.

For starters, it is simply too obvious. Also, Rey believes Luke is simply a myth and, unless the writers use the frankly rubbish plot device of 'her memory was erased', there would be no way Rey wouldn't have known about her father.

Her battle with Kylo Ren would be that much more meaningful

Wouldn't it be just so much more interesting for the series if rather than cousins or siblings fighting each other, it was two people fighting the same battle their descendants (Obi Wan and Anakin Skywalker) did years ago?

There is 20-30 years of Obi Wan's life unaccounted for

Although Jedi Knights are meant to remain celibate, there is so much unaccounted for time where Obi Wan could have had a child. The only question is, would that have fit in with his character? Well, since Anakin committed genocide on the Jedi Knights, it might have seemed a little pointless to keep up with the order's rules. Also, when Luke meets Obi Wan for the first time, he says: "I was once a Jedi knight, the same as your father." PAST TENSE PEOPLE. It could be that his days in solitude actually weren't all that lonely...

It would explain why Rey was abandoned

Rey was left on the planet Jakku as a child, and stayed there to await her family's return. If she was truly a descendant of Obi Wan, and was in danger after Kylo Ren turned on Luke and began to murder the Padawan learners he had been training, then the safest place for her would be somewhere no one knew her. It would also explain why the wise old man at the beginning of the film was on the planet. As he is clearly an ally of Luke, he could have been protecting her.

It all makes sense, right?!

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