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What you need for a hammam

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What you need for a hammam

Pamper yourself by plunging into a 50°C steam bath. A hammam is a place entirely dedicated to relaxation and well being, where you escape to pamper yourself. Here are the essentials you need for a hammam.

An Arabian escape

Hammams are designed to bring physical and mental well being. In pure Arabian tradition, you immerse yourself in a steam bath of 50°C at 100% humidity.

The benefits: The steam relaxes your muscles and cleanses the skin. The humidity also helps eliminate toxins.

100% natural beauty rituals

Loofah glove

You can scrub away all that dead skin in a hammam using a loofah made of natural material to gently exfoliate and regenerate the epidermis, leaving your skin looking and feeling new, minus imperfections.

Dampen and lather your loofah and massage your whole body with it.

Black soap

Black soap originates from Morocco and is a magic product for skin. It's 100% natural and is a sort of paste (like a scrub without the particles). It's obtained from a mix of oil and crushed black olives. It's gentle and suits all skin types.

Thanks to its exfoliating and moisturising properties, it softens and nourishes the skin deep down. It doesn't foam, but turns creamy when water is added. Use with a loofah. Black soap can be used on the body, face and hands.

After applying black soap to wet skin, wait five minutes then rub vigorously with a loofah in wide circles, paying special attention to problem zones. To finish, rinse with warm water. Your skin will feel softer and imperfections will disappear.

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