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25 Reasons Why Being An Alpha Male A**hole Will Get You Nowhere

by Vivian KELLY ,
25 Reasons Why Being An Alpha Male A**hole Will Get You Nowhere© Getty

Alpha Males think treating women like dogs is the only way to get our attention. The funny thing is, they actually believe women can't get enough of them! Us girls would rather a nice, regular Beta guy rather than an unconcerning Alpha ANY DAY. So pop that red pill and swallow your pride boys - it's time to face the facts of your love life. Here's 25 reasons why your alphaness is getting you nowhere...

Does your man treat you like dirt? Make you feel worthless? Are you constantly asking yourself why you're still with him? He's probably an Alpha Male and he's definitely not worth any more of your time. The men who think they're 'charismatic' and 'mysterious' but are really nothing more than a turd. Yep, those are the ones we're talking about here. And we're here to set 'em all straight.

Listen up boys, you think treating girls like crap 90% of the time is really going to get you the women of your dreams? Sorry, think again. Here are 25 reasons to soften your game, stat...

1. You’re cocky AF

Women don’t like cocky bastards. Some pull, but it gets you nowhere in the long-run. Having self-confidence is great, but everyone has their self-doubts. So quit the crap and be real.

2. You’re a beef cake

So you like pumping iron at the gym, never miss the footie and always sip on whiskey sours. Do you really think this is what it takes to be a 'real man'? Pur-lease.

3. You act like you don't care

But we know reality. Deep down, your macho act is nothing but an emotional burden shielding your insecurities (with toughness, aggressiveness and an emotionally repressed attitude).

4. You play hard to get

Women who fall for this BS obviously have no other options…think about it.

5. Your sex life is like a porno…

You ‘woo’ her, bang her and get the job done. Repeat. There’s more to sex than just doggy. PS. you didn’t get her off, her hand did.

6. You treat her like a dog

Your girl will try to hack it for a while, but eventually she’ll crack and leave you. Oh, and don’t bother coming back - we WILL tell our girlfriends and laugh at you behind your back. Just saying.

7. You give her no compliments…

…unless you're included in it too, obviously. You never lavish her with attention or notice her new dress. You’re asking for nothing but grief my friend.

8. Your behaviour is…

Perverse. There’s no girl that agrees that these Alpha Male traits are actually attractive. Will women fall for them at times? Some, yes. But essentially we think you’re all scum.

9. She’s always giving you sh*t

Always stressed and tensed up? If you’re treating your woman poorly don’t expect an easy breezy relationship. You're asking for a lot of tears and a lot of pain. Be proud…not.

10. He never says sorry

OK so all men find it difficult, but Alphas? Not only are they always right, but they never have to explain their actions either. FYI she’s probably miserable.

11. You never treat her like your GF

Women want attention and respect. Take her out to dinner, go to see a show, or bring her to the cinema. We want to know we’re worth your time (and not just for a late night booty call).

12. “Buy me a pint love”

Yea f**cking right. If she does, she’s a pushover. Good luck with that.

13. Tears don’t sway him

She’s probably crying because you’re such a d*ck.

14. Your ‘teasing’ is actually insulting…

And we’re not talking playful. If she tries on a new outfit and you joke "I don’t want to be seen with that!" She'll overreact and become overly emotional right? You’re actually being inconsiderate, selfish, rude and majorly demeaning. Congratulations (you’re an asshole).

15. You try to make her jealous

When out, you make comments about other women and flirt with the barmaid. Alphas think we want them more when they do this (jokes, right?). Stop embarrassing yourself.

16. You’re not needy

Hyper-masculine men don’t need a woman to hold them down, right? Women want to support and look after their partner, it’s a two-way street. If you’re needless and unemotional, she won’t stick with you for very long. Trust.

17. You take longer than her to get ready…

Hair slicked back? Heavy after-shave? And eyebrows waxed? We just spewed a little…

18. Poor interaction

An Alpha Male only knows how to have cyclical arguments and unpleasant conversations. Want to feel more engaged? Being a little more attentive will go a long way…

19. You stare at your phone instead of her…

So you’re texting your next bait or trying to pretend like she’s nothing to you. The result? Resentment and a good excuse to start ripping you apart.

20. You think you give her the world…

So you help pay the bills, mow the lawn and shag her on the regular. With this mentality, she’s definitely going to cheat on you. Sorry mate. It’s called EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

21. You have no respect for females

...and will be single for the rest of your life. Get therapy before it's too late.

22. You don’t consider her feelings

You’ll find yourself better off in any relationship if you take her feelings into account. You might actually enjoy it!

23. “It’s the only way to get laid”

The only girls you're sleeping with are vulnerable and insecure.

24. You make things better by showing up at her doorstep

... with her favourite ice-cream? Really? Buying us material things is a temporary fix. Grow the hell up.

25. Take your loved ones into account…

Would you mind your sister being used as a cum bucket? Enough said.

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