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15 Dudes That Prove Guys With Long Hair Are Absolute Dreamboats

by Lareese Craig ,
15 Dudes That Prove Guys With Long Hair Are Absolute Dreamboats

Are guys with long hair hot or does it make you wanna pass them the shears? These dudes have the answer.

We've never really been able to make our minds up on whether guys with long hair are hot or just in need of a good hair cut. Until now.

We're not sure if we're uncontrollably jealous or wanna hunt them down and hang from their perfectly rugged tresses. Did we say that out loud?

As long as it's not in better condition than ours, we'll take that all day long *hides his Aussie Treatment in a sock* Check out these handsome and hairy rogues!

First there was Ben puppy face Dahlhaus

David Gandy, you should be scared.

Then this greek god

He knows that's not a tangle teezer in his hand right.

Look at this gent

See, he's the kinda guy that'll give you a single long-stemmed English rose when you want one.

Moody's working for us

There's no getting over those raven locks. He's just so beautiful (sniff).

This one's giving us all the grooming goals

Chest hair is literally growing perfectly down and around his clavicle and with that much hair on his head, that's gotta take eff-ort. We're impressed.

This is probably the first time we've ever used the wet and wild caption but he is worth it

Oh, oh the tiny beads of water!

We've never wanted to touch armpit hair as much as this

And his waves are sun-kissed. SUN-KISSED.

HOLA to this sultry babe

Ah that old trick, peeping out from under your hair, we know what you're doing there dude. And it's working.

Seriously, he'd happily French plait your hair all day long

He understands that taking a hair selfie is a serious art.

That's one hot Jesus look-a-like

Wonder how many times he's heard that one before.

Hark at pensive Pete over here!

At what point does the beard stop and the hair start? Either way, he's a wild beauty.

This curly haired hero though

We wanna know how many times he washes his hair a week? Does he use leave-in treatments? What conditioner does he use? How does he deal with tangles? So. Many. Burning. Questions.

Sleeking hell

Not a kink in sight.

Sexy, angry, wet-shirt wearing jhsbfkhasbgbgk

Blushing, blushing a lot.

If he's house trained we'll take him right now

Cute as a pup.

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guys with long hair
guys with long hair
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