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Hot Or Not? Rainbow Beards Are Here And We're Not Sure How To Feel

by Lareese Craig ,
Hot Or Not? Rainbow Beards Are Here And We're Not Sure How To Feel

The only thing better than a fully committed natural beard? A neon blue fully committed beard, that's what. Men everywhere are claiming the rainbow hair trend for themselves by dying their facial furniture all kinds of crazy colours. But is it HOT or would we rather they just kept to their mousy brown roots?

  1. · The black tie beard
  2. · Bluebeard the great
  3. · Cherry bon bon
  4. · Half n half
  5. · The statement tash
  6. · Digging for gold
  7. · It's magenta. MAGENTA.
  8. · All out aqua
  9. · Birdlike and beautiful with it
  10. · Seaweed strands

Beards have been a hairy talking point over the last year. Are they overrated and scruffy or sexy as hell? (Answer: sexy as hell, obviously.)

​What hadn't previously been discussed is whether they they should ever be dyed varying colours of the rainbow...and probably for good reason.

However, it's happened anyway and to be fair these colourful faced fellows offer up a pretty solid case for pro beard discourse, but what do you think? Bright vs. Brown - the battle of the balbo is ON.

The black tie beard

Bespoke beard made to measure.

Bluebeard the great

May the wealthy aristocrat live on in his merman form.

Cherry bon bon

Strawberry locks good enough to eat!

Half n half

When you like blue and purple equal amounts. The struggle is real.

The statement tash

He's not fully committed to his beard game yet. He's still finding himself.

Digging for gold

It's like those fields of golden barley just landed on his face. In LOVE.

It's magenta. MAGENTA.

Face furniture of our dreams right there.

All out aqua

I mean he must be some sort of relation to Ariel.

Birdlike and beautiful with it

He's like an actual Macaw.

Seaweed strands

He makes us want to drown just so he could wade in and get his beard wet. God amongst men.

Long live the beard we say!

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Lareese Craig
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