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I Hate My Engagement Ring: What To Do When You've Found The Right Guy But The Wrong Ring

by Cliche Wynter ,
I Hate My Engagement Ring: What To Do When You've Found The Right Guy But The Wrong Ring© Getty

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a girl's life but what do you when everything about his proposal is perfect except the ring? Let's just say things can get super awkward super fast. Well ladies, there's no need to worry. Here's how you break the "I hate my engagement ring" news to your guy. Hint: handle it with major class.

  1. · Don't Reveal Your Thoughts Too Soon
  2. · Break It To Him Gently
  3. · Visit A Bespoke Jeweler
  4. · Upgrade Your Ring
  5. · Ring Shopping Tips For Men
  6. · Something You Should Remember
  7. · Lust Over A Few Of Lewis Malka's Engagement Rings:
  8. · Vintage Engagement Rings

If you're like us, you've probably been fantasizing about your engagement ring ever since you were a little girl. So when your guy finally proposes, you kind of hope you're totally in love with the diamond. After all, you will be wearing it forever.

The reality though? Sometimes you won't be completely enamored with the rock that lands on your finger. What then? Naturally, we had to get some answers.

We spoke with Lewis Malka, a fine diamond jewelry expert, for tips on letting your man know you hate your engagement ring.

Here's how it's done, ladies!

Don't Reveal Your Thoughts Too Soon

Please, please, please, bask in the glory of being engaged BEFORE you even think of letting him know you hate the ring. As for how long you should wait, Lewis says it depends on individual circumstances.

"It shouldn’t be in haste though," He explained. "That will send out the wrong signal."

We couldn't agree more! Complaining about the rock is not exactly the best to kick off an engagement. Wait a minute, girl.

Break It To Him Gently

When it's time to clue him in, approach and tone is key. You should try your hardest not to come across as a brat. Instead, convey your message in the least harsh way possible.

"It’s important he knows you still love him and it’s the ring you’re talking about," Lewis shared. "The thing is, and this is what I tell my clients, it’s the diamond which is the sentimental part. Almost everyone in their lifetime will have at least one change to their ring, so it may as well be now."

No time like the present, huh?

Visit A Bespoke Jeweler

If you're not in love with the band your man picked out, you don't have to return it all together. A reasonable alternative is visiting a bespoke jeweler.

By consulting a specialist, you can discuss ways to tweak the ring to perfection.

"The diamond is by all means the most expensive part to any ring," our expert began." This way you can still keep the gorgeous sparkler but in a design that is more your style, and is the most simple and cost effective way of getting a ring you love.

Upgrade Your Ring

In the words of Queen Bey "Lemme upgrade you!"

According to Lewis, you might have the option of upgrading your rock by adding stones to the shoulders, or creating a halo design. However, he still insists speaking with a jeweler to discuss available options.

Ring Shopping Tips For Men

You know what they say, prevention is always better than the cure. Try schooling your man on the nuances of ring shopping ahead of time. Our expert's number one tip? Have him propose with a loose diamond instead of a ring. While it might sound a bit outlandish, it's actually a growing trend.

So ladies, this is where you come in. Let your guy know what shape you prefer whenever you two have the "marriage talk". That way, when he finally makes it down on one knee, there's little to no room for disappointment. Crisis averted!

Something You Should Remember

While it's great having a fancy diamond on your finger, don't lose sight of what's really important. Your fiancé is the one who truly makes your ring special.

"He has taken the time to do some research and to find out what you love. Then he has broken the bank to get you your dream ring," Lewis reminded us. "It’s the perfect fairy tale."

No contest there!

Lust Over A Few Of Lewis Malka's Engagement Rings:

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