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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: What Every Bride Needs For Her Big Day!

by Cliche Wynter ,
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: What Every Bride Needs For Her Big Day!© iStock

As it turns out, wedded bliss doesn't end at the sparkles of a gorgeous rock. No, the ring is merely there to serve as a beacon of hope as the wedding planning madness begins to take root. Trust us, we understand. It can become all too easy to find yourself overwhelmed in the midst of planning the biggest day of your life. It's why we put together the ultimate wedding checklist of things every bride needs. We hope this makes your journey to becoming a wife just a tad smoother!

If you weren't one of those little girls who mapped out her entire wedding at the tender age of seven, you might find yourself lost on the wedding planning front as an adult. Where do you even begin? There's but so much Pinterest can do to advise, right? Right. It's why we tapped wedding consultant Sydney Mafrige for some expert advice.

After assisting on over 60 weddings, the Keely Thorne Events employee has quite a few tips to share with brides-to-be. " You might or might not be surprised to know it's not exactly like the movies," she cautioned. "Although design is a large and fun aspect of it, there is SO much more to making a wedding successful."

So what's on the ultimate wedding checklist? If you're newly engaged, here's everything you need to check off before wedding bliss can begin.

  • A set date
  • A Budget
  • Engagement Party Venue
  • Engagement Party Outfit
  • Engagement Photos
  • Guest List
  • Choose Bridesmaids
  • Invitations
  • Bridal Shower
  • Hen Party
  • Wedding Venue
  • Wedding Theme
  • Rings
  • Gift Registry
  • Marriage Licence
  • Wedding Officiant
  • Music For Aisle Walk
  • Music For Ceremony
  • Decorations
  • Wedding Planner
  • Seating Chart
  • Guest List
  • Caterer
  • Wedding Cake
  • Florist
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • First Dance Song
  • DJ/Live Music
  • Photographer and Videographer
  • Wedding Gown
  • Outfits For The Bridal Party
  • Reception Dress
  • Glam Squad - Your Hair and Makeup
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Transportation
  • Honeymoon Location
  • Wedding Night Lingerie

If you're still a bit lost, we elaborated on some of the key items you'll need during the wedding planning process below.

A Booked Venue

We would hate for you to find your dream location and get the bad news that it's been booked for your desired date. This is why it's really important to secure your wedding venue from the outset. You'd be surprised at the amount of stress that immediately lifts off your shoulders.

Get it out of the way and keep it moving!

A Little Assistance

While we know you want to keep expenses to a minimum, getting a little help with the wedding planning at some point will go a long way.

"Whether it be someone stepping in right after the engagement, or closer to the wedding date," Sydney shared, "It can help answer questions and settle stress so the bride and groom can focus on each other, and celebrating with friends and family."

We'd have to agree with her there. Sometimes the technicalities of planning such a huge event can get to couples; causing undue friction. It's important to keep the experience positive and a joy for the both of you!

Trusted Vendors

What's one way to thwart disaster on the biggest day of your life? Try securing a trustworthy and reliable team. While there is bound to be a few bumps here and there, it certainly helps to have the right people around.

Sydney says there is one thing you should always keep in mind "You're getting to marry to love of your life!" There goes a solid silver lining!

Patience and A Sense of Humour

Remember: this isn't brain surgery. Your wedding should be a fun time! Don't be afraid to laugh and enjoy the process - even when there are hiccups along the way.

Wedding Apps Downloaded

TGFWA- Thank God for Wedding Apps! Usher yourself into the digital age by ditching those cumbersome binders and planning every last minute of your nuptials on your smartphone. From Flowerwheel (which helps you select the perfect flowers) to The Seating Planner + (pretty self explanatory), there's an app for every bridal need. Check out 12 of the best here.

The Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

When shopping for your gown keep in mind YOUR taste and preference. Often times brides allow themselves to be discouraged by the opinions of family and friends. If you feel like the queen you are when you slip into the dress, that's all that matters!

A Bridal Emergency Kit Complete With:

  • Deodorant- The last thing you want is to be funky on your wedding day. Double up on the deodorant just in case.
  • Steamer- A wrinkled gown? There's something you definitely don't want as you walk down the aisle, with a million cameras flashing. Have a handy steamer with you just in case your dress was crumpled during transportation.
  • Hair pins- A gal can never have too many hair pins (mostly because those darn things get misplaced so easily). We're going to be generous and say you should have a couple packs on deck if worse comes to worst. Don't get caught with pesky flyaway strands of hair!
  • Breath mints- You didn't plan on kissing your groom with bad breath, did you?
  • Makeup- Carry your own products with you even if you booked a makeup artist. What if she doesn't have foundation that matches your skin tone? Disaster. Always show up prepared.
  • Sewing Kit- We're sure you will have your dress tailored to perfection, but accidents happen. Toss a sewing kit into your bridal bag before heading to the suite to get ready.
  • Lotion- Nothing fancy or new. Stick with lotions that are already a part of your routine to avoid potential allergic reactions.
  • Medicine- Remember when Solange broke out in hives during her New Orleans nuptials and big sis Beyoncé had to come to the rescue with Benadryl? Take that as a cautionary tale.
  • Tons of tape- Think double-sided for your clothes and duct and scotch tape for any other mishaps you encounter day of.
  • Hairspray- The key to day-long picture perfect locks? A can of hairspray.
  • Extra Undergarments- You want zero panty lines when you're strutting down the aisle in your gorgeous gown. That also goes for bras, ladies! Bring an extra set simply because it's better to be safe than sorry.
  • Phone & Spare Charger- There's no way to get through the day without your phone and a spare charger (if your original one gives out). We immediately think of that scene in the "Sex and the City" film when Big tried to call Carrie on their wedding day and she didn't have her phone nearby. Please, please, don't let that be you.

An Amazing First Dance Song

This is a huge moment that should be carefully deliberated with your groom. Are you guys going to go slow or opt for something upbeat? We recommend hiring a choreographer to get your moves in order. If money is tight, feel free to get some pointers from YouTube!

A wicked DJ or Band

No party is complete without some killer tunes!

Stunning (But Comfortable) Shoes

We know those six inch beauties are tempting, but if you typically aren't a high heel girl, don't aim to be one on your wedding day. Comfort is key! We're sure you don't want to stumble down the aisle writhing in pain.

A Fabulous Glam Squad

That means a hairstylist who can keep those tresses tame and a makeup artist who has waterproof mascara at the ready. But even with the best of the best handling your beauty needs, don't forget to have a trial run before the real deal! This way you get a feel for time and how the finished product will turn out!

A Support System That Just Won't Quit

Having friends and family to see you through every step of the hectic process will do miracles for your sanity. We promise! Make it your duty to keep positive vibes near and negativity at the door. It should be nothing but love on the journey to saying "I do".

Do you have any wedding planning tips? Anything you think a bride should have on her big day? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

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