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12 Pictures That Show Kylie Jenner Lips are SO not worth it

by Lareese Craig ,
12 Pictures That Show Kylie Jenner Lips are SO not worth it

It would seem Kylie Jenner obsessed teens and fully responsible adults (ahem) will stop at nothing to get bigger lips. They'll even try sucking on a shot glass to get a plumper pout - now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say. It's official, the Kylie Jenner lips craze is taking duck face pout to a whole new level and here's the pics to prove it.

The #kyliejennerchallenge is everywhere right now, with girls as young as seven using glasses, bottles and whatever they can get a hold of to vacuum their lips to Jenner sized proportions. Yes you read that right.

The result? Painful pouts complete with bruising, swelling and bleeding - but we're assured no rubber rings were hurt in the process. PHEW.

Kylie took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to the disturbing beauty craze:

So basically STOP or you'll look like this for life

Air locking your lips into a jar? This is one insane beauty trend we'll be sitting out on ta!

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