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40 Epic Examples of Epic '80s Makeup

by Cliche Wynter ,
40 Epic Examples of Epic '80s Makeup

Fashion is undoubtedly about finding the next hot thing, but designers and style savants alike can't help but pull inspiration from bygone eras to inform today's looks. One glance at some of your favourite celebs and you can see hints, if not, full out homages to trends from the most iconic decades in fashion. While we know the '70s revival is currently going strong, we couldn't help but gush over these 40 epic examples of '80s makeup. Get ready to swoon!

Unlike today's neutral obsessed society, the '80s were largely about bright colours and big hair. The general motto: the bolder the better. It was a time in fashion where icons Grace Jones and Madonna were arguably at their peak; laying a style blueprint that continues to be referenced years later.

How could we not revisit this era for major beauty inspiration? Check out these amazing examples of '80s makeup and be encouraged to add a splash of colour to your makeup regimen!

Check Out Even More Epic '80s Makeup Looks Here:

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