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12 Things All Makeup Commuters Know To Be True

by Emmy Griffiths ,
12 Things All Makeup Commuters Know To Be True© via collegecandy

It's not like we WANT to do our makeup on the tube/bus/train, but how are we supposed to have a nice little lie in if we also need to put our face on? This is a solution to the problem, but it's not always easy. Here are the main problems commuters who do makeup deal with DAILY...

Feeling naked leaving the house without makeup

You know you'll have your makeup sorted within the next hour, but it doesn't make leaving the house with dark circles under your eyes and dull skin ANY easier. No one deserves to see you without blusher. Sorry, world.

Receiving stares from strangers

Yeah it's makeup! Most women plaster it on their faces every day and I like sleeping in. AS YOU WERE.

Giving up on feeling self-conscious

Sure people are giving you little side eye glances, but let's just pretend it's because they're admiring your skills, and not because you've been applying foundation wrong your entire life.

Counting on red lights to do the tricky part

Come on bus driver. We need that red light so we can do the perfect eye liner cat flick. Just still us ten seconds of stillness.

Achieving the perfect look and feeling like you’ve achieved a miracle

Actually managing to apply all your makeup correctly on moving transport should be celebrated.

Worrying about foundation hands all over the public transport

Those felt seats will never be washed and your foundation smudges will be there for years to come. Oh, and EVERYONE will see you do it.

Handling your face powder like an explosive

Careful, caaaaaareful, CAREFUL. Too late. Your powder is all over your face, and that guy next to you's business suit.

​Don't make eye contact don't make eye contact don't make eye contact.

Feeling increased paranoia that fellow commuters are photographing you

Is there a Tumblr account dedicated to women applying makeup on the Underground? Am I pulling funny faces? WILL I GO VIRAL?

​I really, really don't want to go viral.

Knowing all is lost when you accidentally poke your eye with your mascara

Your eyes are going to run, your blusher, foundation, powder and primer are going to be streaked, your eyes will look blotchy. Abandon all hope for looking decent today.

The bus driver is trying to mess you up

There is no need to brake THAT firmly every damn time. He saw me doing makeup and decided to take action.

Trying to handle makeup in a small space is harder than you’d think

Balancing your palettes on your lap whilst pulling out your lipstick without elbowing whoever is sat next to you is a risky little game.

Getting into natural light and realising you look like SHIT

It was all for nothing. NOTHING.

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