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This Amazing New Bra Could Help Us Detect Early Signs Of Breast Cancer

by Rose Adams ,
This Amazing New Bra Could Help Us Detect Early Signs Of Breast Cancer© Weheartit

A frightening 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, so checking those baps regularly for any sign of change should be *top* of your to-do list. But thanks to some innovative science geniuses across the pond, there could soon be a bra that'll make that whole DIY process a lot easier.

From the Fitbit to the Google watch, wearable technology has enriched our lives in more ways than we ever thought possible, but it could be about to save our lives too. Scientist masterminds in Colombia have developed a bra that could be used as an early detector of breast cancer. And no, we're not talking Madonna's futuristic cone bra either.

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia have released a report claiming that researchers have designed a bra that uses small infrared sensors to detect breast temperature.

Areas with irregular or cancerous cells show up as hotter than normal, because the body sends extra blood there. Enter this amazing bra, which is able to detect irregular temperatures in the breast. By letting the wearer know about this change in temp, which we would be unlikely to be able to detect ourselves, it can act as an early warning system.

​Basically this genius boulder holder could potentially saves lives. We're SOLD.

Speaking to Fusion, engineering student and the brains behind the idea, Maria Camila Cortes, revealed: "When you have cells in your mammary glands that are anomalous, the body needs to send more blood to that specific part of the body, and the temperature of this organ increases.”

"After only a few minutes of wearing the bra, a light comes on to signal whether your breast temperature is regular or not. A green light lets you know all is well, while a yellow light means you should do another test. A red light does not mean cancer, but it does mean you should head to the doctor ASAP. The bra even includes a small chip that records temperature so doctors can look at multiple readings."

It's no secret that checking your breasts regularly for any changes, or new lumps or bumps is super important, but it can be difficult to know if you're doing it right, so by detecting changes in this accurate way, this bra could completely change the game.

​Kudos to those clever brains behind this AMAZING idea. Helping us females out when it comes to beating this terrible disease, it certainly gets our seal of approval. Of course the doctors stress that this should never REPLACE doctors appointments, screenings or self checks, which should be performed by ladies of all ages, it is simply an early detector.

While this product is only in the design phase, we're hoping with enough research, we'll be able to snap one up sometime in the future!

What do you think of this invention? Let us know @SofeminineUK

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