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We Tried The Phantom Facial & This Is What Happened

by Lareese Craig ,
We Tried The Phantom Facial & This Is What Happened

First off, it's not as weird as it sounds. You don't check in for an illusory treatment and Most Haunted's Yvonne Fielding isn't your beauty therapist BUT the results? They are all supernatural *Sorry* find out what happened when we tried out the phantom facial!

  1. · The Phantom what now?
  2. · What is LED light therapy?
  3. · What is galvanic current and why is it beneficial for the skin?
  4. · Our verdict

Now we all know we're supposed to get facials once a month, but hey, there's a lot of things we're supposed to do regularly in life: drink impossible amounts of water (and NO alcohol) pelvic floor exercises, love yourself, unplait and shave leg hair (just me?) but... ain't nobody got time for that. Literally.

I mean IF. ONLY. Who wouldn't love to lay back in a chair, get marinaded in beauty potions and sip fruity AF collagen cocktails for 45 mins every 4 weeks?

So when we heard about the Phantom Facial at Askinology, we had to cancel our wine plans and go and see what all the fuss was about. Here's what went down.


No ghosts were harmed in the making of this review

The Phantom what now?

Ok, it sounds daft but it really is as transparent as it sounds (ahem, ok that's the one and only ghost joke we'll make, that's a promise). Dubbed the 'Phantom Facial' (£55, 45 minutes) due to the Phantom of the Opera-style LED mask used, the customised facial calms, invigorates and stimulates collagen, plus can be adapted with blue light, for those suffering with outbreaks, leaving the face and neck rejuvenated in your lunch hour. Even the boss can't grumble at that!

You can also have a Phantom Peel Me Booster (£75) a gentle peel-combining with light and galvanic therapy.

What is LED light therapy?

The Phantom Facial features a unique LED light therapy mask, utilising either blue or red light though you can ask for both. So what effect does this actually-have on the skin? Dr. Askari Townshend, Founder of ASKINOLOGY explains. "LED light of the right wavelengths can stimulate the body's own cellular mechanisms."

Red light at 630nm (nanometers) stimulates skin rejuvenation, new collagen and elastin. Near infrared at 830nm is the most deeply absorbed wavelength. It plays a part in healing and targets the inflammatory process, great for calming after-treatments.

415nm blue light is well known to be powerful against the bacteria that causes acne (P. acnes) - a photodynamic reaction kills the bacteria. It can help also help regulate the natural production of oil which is often at the heart of the problem.

In The Phantom Facial, near infra-red wavelength 830nm is added to either the red or blue light and there is even a mode that combines all three wavelengths for the ultimate stimulation, rejuvenation and anti-inflammation. LED light therapy is low energy and is therefore not hot like IPL or laser - it does not leave your skin hot or red, in fact it can actually do the opposite calming redness and inflammation in conditions such as rosacea, acne and psoriasis. That means there's absolutely no pain or downtime. Good news if you've got any social events in the calendar!

What is galvanic current and why is it beneficial for the skin?

​The Phantom Facial features galvanic current. A constant low level direct current (DC) is applied to the skin and has-been used in beauty treatments since before the 1970's to improve circulation and oxygenation (which will detox) as well as helping active ingredients penetrate the skin. They had us at detox.

The Phantom Facial or Phantom Peel Me Booster (£75) can be tailored to help address a host of skincare concerns from acne and rosacea to rejuvenation. Your expert therapist will first provide a thorough skin consultation, tailoring the treatment to your skin concerns.

Once skin is prepped with a cleanse, tone and serum / mask peel or, if opting for the Peel Me Booster, your therapist will choose either a red light, which reduces inflammation and promotes circulation or blue light that destroys acne-causing bacteria. We went for both because, our skin was looking crabby in all departments.

Next is the moment of truth, The Phantom LED mask is then placed over the skin for 15 minutes, including the sides of the face and neck, whilst galvanic electrodes are activated to aid blood flow, lymphatic drainage and cleanse pores. The result? Healthy, glowing not-so-ghoulish skin.

Our verdict

As you can imagine, a mask covering your entire face loaded with LED lights isn't going to be the most comfortable experience, so if you're a claustrophobe I would check OUT of this one. That said, I'm not that into tight spaces and I managed to survive without hyperventilating. Winning!

The mask itself might feel a little heavy initially but as long as you reposition it to suit you, it's in no way unbearable. All the cleansing, toning and hand massaging before hand will make sure you're readily pampered and relaxed before the finale anyway!

Considering your average facial is anywhere between £60 and £90, I think The Phantom Facial is a great price point and an effective multi-tasking treatment for those with a variety of skincare concerns. The next day my skin looked healthier and its radiance restored. The verdict? You might look like Lord Voldemort for 45 mins, but the beauty benefits make it totally worth it.

If you'd like to book in for The Phantom Facial click here!

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