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We Tried The Vitamin IV Drip Celebs Swear By & This Is What Went Down

by Lareese Craig ,
We Tried The Vitamin IV Drip Celebs Swear By & This Is What Went Down

Red carpets, premieres, after parties, interviews just how do these celebrities have the energy to keep going? They get hooked up to a vitamin IV drip. That's how. We put the A-list treatment to the test to see if it gave us Rihanna's non-stop stamina.

  1. · What is it?
  2. · Yes it involves needles *shudder*
  3. · It's tailor made to your individual needs
  4. · There's a lengthy questionnaire
  5. · You should get the drip if...
  6. · Our verdict

Beauty, energy and hangover relief in one easy jab? Who would be humble enough to turn that down? Obviously not us, so we gave it a shot like any other good/vain, skincare-obsessed guinea pig would.

We've all seen the photos of Rihanna and Cara burnt out and hooked up to some funky looking drip only to find out that that funky looking drip is actually making them god damn flawless. Wanna know what it takes to be a real life beauty junkie? Here's how it works...

What is it?

Essentially, vitamin drip therapy is an energy boost given in IV form. And why would you actually choose and pay to have a needle near you? Because infusing vitamins into your veins is much more effective than taking them orally. A high concentration of nutrients are able to enter your bloodstream directly, rather than waiting for your body to naturally absorb the vitamins. You can even choose your drip before you go, depending on what your concerns are.

Yes it involves needles *shudder*

If the word cannula freaks you out you should probably just sit this one out, and just ya know, gulp your cod liver oil down the normal way. The drip is administered through intravenous therapy (IV) which means an infusion of liquid substances are introduced to the body directly through the vein.

And because I'm SO Hollywood, here's a vein selfie for you.

It's tailor made to your individual needs

There's a bespoke beauty menu for you to select your treatment cocktail of choice, which means all the vitamins and nutrients are cherry-picked just for you.

I had the rejuvenation option because, who doesn't wake up in October and look and feel like sh*t! Filled with vitamins and amino acids, this IV infusion also contains glutathione, an anti-oxidant that naturally holds many anti-ageing benefits including detoxing the skin in order to prevent signs of ageing, including wrinkles and crow’s feet. Hook. Me. Up.

There's a lengthy questionnaire

You might think the form's a bit of a b*tch to fill out when you're supposed to be working, ahem. Sorry boss. But there's good reason for that. All the answers from the medical consultation link up to your specialist vitamin solution to give you a bespoke blend of nutrients, specific to your needs. Here's what my breakdown looked like:

You should get the drip if...

It depends on what your concerns are as to what blend would be best for you but generally speaking, you'll be a good candidate for the IV drip If you're feeling tired, want to fight infection or simply recharge your batteries after fashion week or a heavy weekend. Though personally, I can't think of anything worse than having a cannula shoved in your arm if you're on a hangover.

Our verdict

Did we spend the rest of the day bouncing off the walls sans the help of pumpkin spice lattes? Not quite. But I definitely felt more refreshed and alert than usual and my complexion certainly seemed like it had a rested glow going on.

I'd recommend giving the treatment a try for a special occasion or ahead of a big sporting event. If you're feeling low on energy it could be a good quick-fix, but ultimately the buzz of one vitamin cocktail, much like a single Cosmopolitan, wears off. As for making me look and feel like Rihanna? It's an oh na na from me.

The Vitamin IV drip is available from EF Medispa priced from £125 per session.

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