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This Drug-Free Miracle Gel Could Be The Answer To All Your IBS Struggles

by Lareese Craig ,
This Drug-Free Miracle Gel Could Be The Answer To All Your IBS Struggles

If you're an IBS sufferer, you'll know the anxiety of being 10 yards away from a toilet all too well. You can't even mention bread or cheese without breaking into the panic sweats and your tummy gurgles at the very sniff of coffee. Yeah, it's not the easiest condition to manage but this wonder gel could be here to make your IBS struggles a little easier to stomach.

It's estimated that one in five of us living in the UK will develop Irritable Bowel Syndrome at one stage in our lives and as much as one can try living an ordinary life, the sucky thing is, sometimes, IBS really does royally screw things up for us. Diarrhoea, bloating, abdominal pain - no one feels like socialising when they've got all that going on and sleeping comfortably? Dream on.

Even those who are fortunate to manage their IBS effectively do so with a concoction of medication and regular trips to the quack - and talking to anyone about how much your bowels hate you is never a welcome conversation.

Sufferers and health professionals alike have been pressing for a solution and this drug-free Enterosgel could be the answer.

When taken with water water, the tasteless gel targets the causes of gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominal pain and bloating, rather than masking the symptoms.

The porous structure of Enterosgel's chemical formula (stay with us, that's the science bit done with) allows it to act like a magic sponge, absorbing harmful substances and toxins harboured inside your gut.

It's safe for the whole family to use but the standard dose for adults is 1-1.5 tbs an hour before or after eating, three times a day.

And it's not just suitable for IBS sufferers either, travelling foodies might want to slip this into their backpacks next time you're sampling the best street food - that way you can rest assured that letting your tastebuds run riot won't leave you red-faced and sprinting to the nearest loo/ field.

Enterosgel is £12.80 and available over the counter at Boots

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Lareese Craig
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