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The Japanese Adult Wrapping Trend Is As Terrifying As It Sounds

by Lareese Craig ,
The Japanese Adult Wrapping Trend Is As Terrifying As It Sounds

*Warning* those suffering with claustrophobia should proceed with caution, because this is the stuff of nightmares. We get it, the Japanese like to get innovative with their products and we thank them daily for inventing that pretty rose cleanser, but wrapping adults in muslin cloths and covering their mouth and eyes for health benefits is creepy af. Ain't nothing therapeutic about THAT.

Swaddled babies apparently sleep longer and sounder. Swaddled babies also experience less anxiety, by preventing unnecessary wake-ups due to the startle reflex. But swaddling adults in a muslin cloth? That's got horror movie written all over it.

Known as 'Otonamaki' or 'adult wrapping', the Japanese trend involves cocooning participants head to toe (and even over the mouth and nose, oh dear god) in a large breathable cloth. Personally, it could be as breathable as it wants but mummifying me while I'm sat rocking on my turtle back just doesn't scream relaxation and health benefits to me. It screams sweaty, claustrophobic meltdown.


Each session lasts around 20 minutes and is said to reduce stiffness and improve posture but erm, what ever happeend to a nice relaxing hot stone massage eh? Or the more traditional, less creepy physiotherapy treatments available out there?

Hey, we all like being held now and again, but a strong hug is soothing enough for the majority of grown ass adults. Being wrapped up like a parcel of dim sum does not bring me comfort in any way shape or form.

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Lareese Craig
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