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We Tried Casper's New Mattress To See If It Could Transform Our Night's Sleep

by Pascale Day ,
We Tried Casper's New Mattress To See If It Could Transform Our Night's Sleep© casper.com

A good night’s sleep is underrated. Think how good you feel waking up after a top night’s kip: the air seems fresher; the walk to work easier. Imagine skipping and dancing into the office like Joseph Gordon Levitt in 500 Days of Summer every day instead of dragging your feet there like you do most days. But your night's sleep can be transformed in an instant by the bed you sleep on - or more specifically, the mattress. Which is why I gave Casper’s memory foam mattress a go.

Buying a new mattress is all kinds of stressful. It’s a hell you don’t truly know until you’re in it, struggling up the fifth flight of stairs, panting hard with the bast**d strapped to your back. And then there’s the pain of manoeuvring it into its designated room. Yeah, you fall out with a lot of people when purchasing a new mattress: the guy who delivered it and is “too busy” to help you up said stairs (even though you can see him in his van with his feet on steering wheel, scrolling through Facebook); your boyfriend who thinks it’s funny to yell “pivot!” like Ross Gellar at every opportunity (it isn’t funny) and all your friends who think it’s fun to jump on your new mattress until one of the springs go.

It’s confusing, time consuming and emotionally taxing. But Casper aims to eliminate all the things that make mattress purchasing an anxiety-ridden ordeal. Firstly, there’s the fact it comes in a cute little box. When it arrives, the mattress is tightly vacuum-packed in a handy box to to help make what could be a stressful delivery considerably less so. Ours fit perfectly on the UPS man’s dolly, but if needs be, the handles in the box make it easy to transport. If you live in a teeny-tiny London flat like I do, it’s an ideal size because it doesn’t take up much space. We weren’t able to change the mattresses over straight away and so the box sat in our cramped sitting room for a day but it wasn’t a massive burden.

When we finally got round to unpacking the mattress, the process was simple: unload the twisted mattress onto the bed frame, remove the outer packaging, and let it unfurl into the right position. It is actually rather impressive to watch - what begins as a tight curl of material unloads into a thick, substantial bed.

Now, for the technical bit: the Casper mattress combines “pressure-relieving memory foam under a springy, breathable comfort layer”. If you’re wondering why the memory foam is on the bottom and not the top, the springy layer sinks enough to feel the benefits of the memory foam underneath. And this foam isn’t just any old memory foam - it’s made from three different types: responsive memory foam for pressure relief, adaptive transition foam for consistent weight distribution and support foam for long lasting durability.

If you suffer from back problems, the Casper mattress will help to elevate this pressure. I was keen to try it out as I suffer from hypermobility and constant backache is a resultant symptom. So for me, the support of a suitable mattress is an unprecedented luxury. I can’t say the mattress has miraculously cured all my back problems but it's definitely helped in getting a better, more comfortable night's sleep.

It’s not hard to see why celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are fans of the brand - we can just picture it now: Leo and Tobes discussing their comfy slumber over tea on Leo’s super yacht. Luckily, it doesn’t come with a Hollywood price tag - don’t get me wrong, at £550 for a double it’s by no means cheap, but it’s not unreasonable either. After a week-long trial, I would say that if you're in a position to purchase one of these then go for it - you won't regret it. But don’t blame if you're late for work because when you’re this comfy, you will be oversleeping.

Have you tried a Casper's mattress? Let us know what you think! @sofeminineUK

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