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Truthful, Smart And Creative? 10 Signs You're A Total Aquarius

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Truthful, Smart And Creative? 10 Signs You're A Total Aquarius

Were you born between January 20th - February 18th? Do you have a bigger imagination than Willy Wonka and a stronger sense of justice than Superman? Do your friends and family live in terror of what you are going to do next? Then chances are you are a total Aquarius...

  1. · You are affectionate
  2. · Not to mention funny
  3. · You have a great sense of justice and care deeply for others
  4. · You have a fantastic imagination
  5. · You can be honest without being unkind
  6. · You are worryingly unpredictable
  7. · You go off into your own world at times
  8. · You can be pretty distant
  9. · Your lack of organisation is insane
  10. · You are stubborn as a mule

You are affectionate

If you love someone, you let them know, and what's wrong with that?! You will never understand the people who shrug off hugs and find PDA uncomfortable, since you are so comfortable in your own skin that you have no problem showing your affection to those around you. Basically, you're an tactile snuggly angel.


Not to mention funny

You have a wicked wit and oh YES you use it. You are the undefeated champ at Cards Against Humanity, and you know how to come up with a witty quip for every occasion, and it can be particularly useful in an argument (not that you get into many of them!).


You have a great sense of justice and care deeply for others

You are a very righteous person, and will always do what you think is fair and just. You have a deep empathy for others, and will fight for those who are less fortunate than you. You are always the person that will pour their spare change into a collection tin, or pop to Tesco to buy a homeless person some food. You know it is the little acts of kindness that matter, and the world is better off for you.


You have a fantastic imagination

Write a book right now. Your imagination knows no bounds, and it means that you love finding creative and thoughtful gifts for your friends, and can happily entertain yourself for hours at a time just by going into your own head and dreaming the time away!


You can be honest without being unkind

You like to be frank with people, especially since you know that messing with the truth is never good for anything (particularly when it comes back to haunt you.) You always say what you're thinking, but you choose your words carefully and tend not to offend. Everyone has nothing but respect for you. You own this honesty thing girl!


You are worryingly unpredictable

Sometimes your unpredictably has negative consequences for those around you. Sure everyone wants you to have fun and go a little crazy from time to time, but you are so lost in your own head that sometimes you don't see how your actions can effect others. For example, don't go on holiday without telling anyone! And don't stay out all night without letting anyone know where you are, okay? It's the little things that are important!


You go off into your own world at times

You occasionally get lost in your terrific imagination from time to time, and it can look like you're not paying attention to what is going on around you, leaving your friends and fam just a little bit bummed out. Because seriously, what could you be thinking about that is more important than their problems?! Being constantly present is a bit of an issue for you, so work on it and leave the daydreaming for your alone time.


You can be pretty distant

If someone is in your bad books, you can be pretty aloof and not give them the time of day. Although we all go through these stages from time to time, trust us. Your silent rage is much worse than if you just had it out with them and solved it then and there!


Your lack of organisation is insane

You are so unorganised that it has become a genuine joke for everyone who knows and loves you. You are always late, you always buy tickets for the wrong day and you always always lose your stuff. How many phones did you get through last year? 5? 6?


You are stubborn as a mule

It's great that you have a keen sense of right and wrong, but unfortunately this can make you a little stubborn in your opinions at times. Sometimes compromise is needed to resolve problems, so ease off a little!


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