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Elemis Pro-Intense Facial: Say goodbye to the sag

by Ursula Dewey ,
Elemis Pro-Intense Facial: Say goodbye to the sag© Elemis

If you're fed up of having your skin slide off your face and form those much-feared jowls, then this is the power facial you need to know about. Dedicated to lifting, toning and firming, the Pro-Intense Facial by Elemis is the new anti-ageing treatment to add to your beauty arsenal.

Elemis have come up trumps with a power facial that helps to lift sagging skin and firm up that face. It has been specifically developed to target the neck, chin, cheeks and jowls while helping to reduce any puffiness and fluid retention associated with sagging skin. All in all this is one mega anti-ageing facial that we're pretty excited about

An hour on the treatment bed promises to leave you with skin that appears shaped, lifted and firmed so we had to put it to the test.

The service at Elemis is always bespoke so no matter what treatment you're having you can expect it to be tailored to your individual needs. Your experience starts with a skin scanner which shows you and your therapist the areas of your skin that need attention, identifying problems such as dehydration, congestion or oiliness. Then the therapist can suggest products that might work well for your needs.

Once you're led into the treatment room, the treatment starts as all Elemis treatments do, with the "Welcome Touch" ritual foot cleanse which is performed as you lie on a heated bed. This sets the tone for a relaxing and indulgent sixty minute session and instantly puts you into spa mode.

Your make-up is then removed and your face is cleansed and massaged with the rather lovely Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which is a fragrant experience of its own. Next your face is toned and massaged with a rose facial oil to detox and hydrate the skin. Every step of the facial feels luxurious and pampering.

By this point in the treatment you're really feeling soothed and serene. Your face is exfoliated and cleansed once more and then it's time to get intense. The Lift Effect part of the facial is what it's all about - you can expect to have some of the most intense, focused facial massage you've ever had as your skin is kneaded and stimulated into submission. Elemis call this their Jowl and Cheek Deep Massage Technique - and it really does feel like your saggy parts are under attack - in the nicest possible way. If you want heavy duty results, you need heavy duty massage.

The massage reduces puffiness and water retention giving a deep drainage effect along the cheeks, chin and jawline, streamlining your look and firming up fragile skin.

Then the Pro-Intense Lift Effect Jowl and Chin Mask is then applied for 20 minutes to give your jaw and cheeks an intense moisture surge - it's infused with Arjuna to stimulate cell communication and to help the absorption of powerful lifting plant actives into the skin - all this while helping your jaw to look more toned.

You get a double whammy of mask moisture at this stage as your eyes are treated to Hydra Active Soothing Gel Eye Masks to hydrate and calm.

As the masks perform their magic your therapist puts their hands to work giving a restorative scalp, neck and shoulder massage. Easily my favourite part of the treatment.

The Elemis team really know what they're doing when it comes to relaxation and results. The treatment feels intensive and targeted while offering an hours respite and some much needed time out.

The results of course are what really count, and it's safe to say that this is one treatment that delivers. I was impressed with how hydrated, calmed and toned my skin looked post treatment - and I'm not the only one.

Independent customer test​s showed that the Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial satisfied women on every front; 96% said their facial contours appeared firmed, lifted and shaped, and 90% said their sagging cheeks and neck were visibly improved post facial. What's more 74% of women said their double chin was significantly improved.

Perhaps most significant is the 82% of women who said they would delay facial surgery and botox following a course of these facials. Pretty impressive no?

Elemis Pro Intense © Elemis
Elemis Pro Intense
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To keep the results of the facial going at home you can invest in the power Pro-Intense range which is Elemis' most developed anti-ageing offering. Their Pro-Intense Lift Effect Super System will definitely keep your face firmed up between treatments, as it includes four jowl and chin masks and thirty Lift Effect Serum vials to keep your anti ageing routine on track.

With cutting edge plant stem cells, nutrient rich lipids and skin lifting plant actives, Elemis are onto a winner with this collection...

The Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial costs from £65, available from Elemis Day Spa Mayfair. For all spas and salons call Elemis Customer Care on +44 117 316 1888

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Ursula Dewey
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