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Susan Sarandon's Secret To Eternal Beauty REVEALED!

by Pascale Day Published on 8 January 2014
Susan Sarandon's Secret To Eternal Beauty REVEALED!

At 69 years old, Susan Sarandon is a woman in full bloom. We all know she's a beauty both inside and out, but now the actress and grandmother gives us access to her true beauty philosophy, which goes way beyond the bathroom mirror. What. A. Woman!

1. Adopt the good life

Susan Sarandon is well aware that the lifestyle we lead can affect our skin. "I'm doing my best to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as much as possible," she says. "Of course I'm not perfect but I try to eat well, and exercise to stay physically and mentally fit." She doesn't smoke, but does have another vice that she feels may contribute to her youthful looks, adding that "sex is probably good for the skin." You don't need to tell us twice, girl!

Hydrate, sleep, repeat
"My secret to beautiful skin is to moisturise regularly, get a good night's sleep and repeat. I really emphasise these points because it'll really rejuvenate the skin in a few years." Susan's daily beauty routine is designed to help her skin keep its glow: a mild cleanser is used in the morning, followed by a protective serum and a intensive moisturiser with sun protection factor. At night, she uses L'Oreal Age Perfect Paris anti-ageing night cream, and this has a real impact on the clarity and vibrance of her complexion, helping the skin to regain a smooth and soft appearance whilst also reducing and lightening brown spots.

Think about the future
"I would have liked to have been more careful to take care of my skin when I was younger. But youth makes you feel invincible, then ten years go by and you realise you're not! No one is, so it's best to really pay attention to your skin and find quality products that fit your skin type, and start early." Noted.

Escape the sun
"What I wouldn't give to go back 30 years back and just tell me to be careful in the sun by wearing a good protection. I'm crazy about sunscreen [now] and I never leave home without it. I still see myself coating my children in it when they were little. With any luck they will thank me one day!"

2. Choosing the Right Tools

The actress believes "beauty comes from within, but it is equally important to take care of yourself physically." Her daily skin care routine is very simple and requires, above all, the right choice of products. For her, it is crucial to find a treatment plan that is suited to her needs.

Her 5 must-haves
"Sunscreen, which I always have on me, a good moisturiser for a fresh complexion before applying makeup, a preventive serum to protect my skin from free radicals, a balm to keep lips soft, and my mascara Volume Million Lashes of Feline L'Oréal Paris. A mascara wand can do a lot!"

For travelling
"When I'm flying, my face may seem dry and exhausted, so I always take a good moisturiser in my luggage to re-boost it all after a long flight. And, because you never know what might happen, I will always carry a pretty lipstick on me, like a classic Beige Nu Color Riche L'Oreal Paris for example. A little lipstick can never do wrong!"

For hair
"For my hair, I use a shampoo and a conditioner that helps keep the vibrant colour. Occasionally, I use an oil or a mask to keep my hair moisturised and healthy. In terms of colour, I use Age Perfect Excellence L'Oréal Paris to eliminate grey hair and keep the colour."

Going out
"Most of the time I receive the help of my "glam team" favourites. We listen to music - I love R&B - and have loads of fun while working. My makeup varies depending on what I'm wearing or my mood, but usually I like to have a special look on the eyes paired with nice neutral shades and an apricot lipstick or gloss.

3. Have the right philosophy

When asked whether cosmetics can encourage you to be your authentic self in every day life, Susan said "one of the most important things in life is to be authentic . If I've learned anything with age, it's to be honest to myself and to allow myself a little fun from time to time. I think it's more fun for girls to express themselves creatively through their makeup and hair."

Don't be afraid of growing old
Susan tells us the best advice she received beauty-wise did not come from a makeup artist or hairdresser, but she instead quotes author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who says in his novel Love in the Time of Cholera: "Age has no reality except in the physical world. The essence of a human being is resistant to the passage of time. Our inner lives are eternal, which is to say that our spirits remain as youthful and vigorous as when we were in full bloom." We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Certain rules can dictate women's beauty once they reach a certain age, but Susan Sarandon knows none of these rules: "so apparently I inadvertently break them," she says. Her advice? Just be nice authentic and have self confidence. "There is nothing that you can't do because of your age. With time and experience, I think you start to become less hard on yourself, to appreciate who you are and to be naturally more comfortable in your skin. That, I think, is ageing gracefully. To be comfortable with yourself, for better or worse. What you thought were your shortcomings become your strengths and you can wear the proudly without the need to apologise for them."

To be happy
Where she feels the most beautiful is when she's with her ​​children and grandchildren. "I'm so proud of them. When I'm asked what best defines me I don't say being an activist and actress, I say mother. Motherhood can be the most complicated status in life . My children make me laugh and I think that laughter makes you feel beautiful and look younger. Life is short, so enjoy the ride and don't worry too much. When you are happy you shine inside and out."

A final word on Susan's philosophy on beauty? It's all on the inside: "Beauty is something that makes the world better. It is arbitrary and capricious. For me, a beautiful person is someone strong and beautiful inside, who leaves behind them a better world. That's what I try to do in my life."

​High five to that Susan!

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Pascale Day
Pascale Day - Published on 8 January 2014
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