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Interview with Whitney Port: Her Californian beauty secrets revealed!

by Ursula Dewey ,
Interview with Whitney Port: Her Californian beauty secrets revealed!© Venus

Whitney Port is not only a TV sensation, BINTM judge, fashion designer and all-round Californian beach babe, she's also the legs behind the latest launch from Venus and Olay. We caught up with her to discover her beauty regime and how to get LA girl gorgeous.

Every now and then we develop a major girl crush. And things have just got pretty serious between us and Whitney Port. Not only is this girl a fashion entrepreneur with her own Whitney Eve line, she's also the ultimate celeb on our famous friend wish-list. Down-to-earth, open and honest, laid-back and lovely, it's not hard to realise why whatever Whitney turns her hand to, success is not far behind.

With her eternally beachy waves, her flawless skin and her comfortable style we asked her how to achieve that LA-girl glow for ourselves.

How would you describe the typical LA beauty look?
"​I think it's just about being fresh and natural. I always think that less is more and it's not about putting on a ton of make up and hairspray."

So what's the secret to achieving an LA girl glow when you live in the UK?
"There’s a couple of things really. Pretty, moisturized skin is important. For my face I use a tinted moisturizer so that I know I’m still covering up so I know that if there’s any discoloration I have it sorted.

F​or hair I use a salt spray. You can look as though you’ve gone in the ocean and have natural beachy waves.

And then it’s also the skin on your body and I think that’s where the Venus Olay razor comes in, it has an in-built moisture strip which is really important to me as I love to get my skin as hydrated and moisturized as possible."

It’s just about showing off your natural beauty

Do you have any special tips on making your legs summer ready?
"Use the Venus & Olay razor – it gives the closest shave I've ever experienced. Plus working them [your legs] out works wonders, I spin three to four times a week."

Do you ever fake tan?
"I try not to fake tan my legs because I have light skin and they can go super orangey so I’d rather go for a natural look."

Whitney Port © Venus
Whitney Port
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What's the secret behind your peachy skin?
"The secret to having good skin is taking good care of it. I clean my skin every night before I go to bed and hydrate it, tone it, moisturize it. I use a boutique line of products that’s just available in Los Angeles from my facialist."

Do you get regular facials?
"I wish I did. Every time I go I tell myself I should go more often, but at the moment I probably go once every two to three months."

What are your three must-have beauty items?
"For beauty let’s see, I would say my eye cream, definitely my Venus Razor, it has a built-in Olay Moisture-Boost shave gel bar, I don’t leave the house for weekend trips without it. Plus I have a protein mist that I take with me that I spray on my face for extra hydration that I use through the day. It’s from The Finer Skin Institute."

LA Girl Beauty Essentials

Venus Razor © Venus
Venus Razor
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Whitney is the face and legs of the new Venus & Olay razor – find more of her ultimate fashion & beauty combinations at www.facebook.com/GilletteVenusUK

Ursula Dewey
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