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Cute Bralettes That Your Boobs Will Thank You For

by Pascale Day ,
Cute Bralettes That Your Boobs Will Thank You For

Forget about bras, throw away that underwire: bralettes are the thing that's taking boobs by storm. A bralette is basically a bra, but it doesn't have any of the annoying bits: no underwiring, no shaping, no padding. It's a no-frills over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder that, despite basically just being two triangles of pretty material, make your breasts look outstanding. Big boobs or small, those bad boys are going to look hella good in a bralette. Check out our favourites below.

  1. · The Lacy Bralette
  2. · The Super Sexy Bralette
  3. · The High Neck Bralette
  4. · The Jersey Bralette
  5. · The Halter Bralette

The Lacy Bralette

If you're new to the bralette game, then this is your cuppa B (soz). It's basically impossible for boobs to look bad in a lacy bra. And although they may not look like it, they give great support, so sag is always avoided.

Marie Meili Dawn Bra, RRP: £16 © www.amazon.co.uk
Marie Meili Dawn Bra, RRP: £16
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The Super Sexy Bralette

Ooo la la! Looking for something a little risque? Well, you can't really go wrong with these super hot bralettes. Comfy enough to wear in the day but sexy enough to cause a stir at night. Bonnnnjour!

Love Lace bralette, RRP: £50.89 © lovestoriesintimates.com
Love Lace bralette, RRP: £50.89
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The High Neck Bralette

The great thing about a high neck bralette is sometimes - and only sometimes - it can double up as a cute AF top. Check out these high neck beauties, which range from sexy to gyming it. The possibilities are endless!

Seamless Cutout Bralette, RRP: £21.69 © victoriassecret.com
Seamless Cutout Bralette, RRP: £21.69
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The Jersey Bralette

The jersey bralette - a fave amongst the more casually dressed ladies. These are super comfy and soft and are perfect for lazy days when a bra with padding is literally out of the question.

Mon Amour bralette, RRP: £49.73 © lovestoriesintimates.com
Mon Amour bralette, RRP: £49.73
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The Halter Bralette

A sassy twist on the classic bralette is the halter - perfect for those gorgeous dresses with an awkward back! But tbh, if your bra looks this good you're gonna want to flash it anyway.

Kikis High Neck Halter, RRP: £32 © freepeople.com
Kikis High Neck Halter, RRP: £32
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What do you think of these gorgeous bralettes? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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