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Just do it: Get on board with the hot Nike trainers for girls campaign

by Lareese Craig ,
Just do it: Get on board with the hot Nike trainers for girls campaign© Purple

Of all the things us girls love to buy, trainers are probably one of our least faves. That's not to say we're not all over he sports luxe trend, it's just... the choice of sports shoe out there is pretty boring, bland and nothing like the boy's. But that's all set to change now that two young women have launched a social media campaign to get Nike to make its coolest men’s trainers available in women’s sizes. Girl power.

Trainer shopping isn't the most glamorous day out but with the sports chic trend showing no signs of fashion fatigue we've really started to embrace urban footwear.

But wouldn't it be great if women's trainers had more of a foot in the fashion door? We're thinking along the lines of less gym buddy more Saturday spending spree.

Two girls are on a mission to spice up the women's trainer market, which they argue is too bland. We're with you girls.

Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis are campaigning to get Nike to make its coolest men's trainers available for women too. Androgynous footwear, yes please!

The girls have written a letter to Nike saying: "Dear Nike, why are all the trainers for girls always so bland? Somewhere in swoosh central there’s been an oversight.”

They also run an online campaign under the name Purple Unicorn Planet (PUP) disguised as a fantasy trainer shop at www.purpleunicornplanet.com

The name, Purple Unicorn translates as: "The ultimate male find for any women who is sick and tired of the same old dis-respectful treatment.

"​He's exciting, cool, spontaneous, has great taste in art, music, clothing, a real mover on the dance floor who will fill your life with all types of fun activities." This is just what women's trainers should be like, right?

The PUP website displays a gallery of the coolest Nike men’s trainers, not currently available for women. When visitors click on the trainers they like, they are taken to a call for action page where they can read and share the letter to Nike and pass on the Purple Unicorn Planet message.

Hodgson said: “We saw a gap in the market and decided to do something about it. We want to change Nike’s product strategy with a call to arms.”

Riis added: “We’re on a mission to make it possible for women to finally find their perfect pair of trainers. “

So if you're a fan of the sports luxe trend or you like to steal your boyfriend's shirts and denim jeans every now and again, it looks like this is a campaign for you.

To help spread the word, Purple Unicorn Planet has its own hashtag #pleasejustdoit and Twitter feed @PunicornP

Do women have enough choice when it comes to trainers or are these two ladies making a big fuss over nothing? Tweet us and let us know @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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