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Vajazzle Your Christmas Tree With Vagina-shaped Baubles 'Cos 2016

by Helen Turnbull ,
Vajazzle Your Christmas Tree With Vagina-shaped Baubles 'Cos 2016© Etsy/FeltMelons

Just when you thought wine-mulled toilet roll marked peak 2016, along come Christmas-themed vajazzles and we must admit, they've got us in a bit of a flap. 'Tis the season to be jolly and if that means giggling at colourful bulbs of joy, so be it.

If you've ever wanted to deck the halls with boughs of female genitalia, well now you can thanks to one creative Etsy designer. Enter: Suzanne McAleenan. The FeltMelons owner is spreading the message of feminism while giving us a lesson in basic female anatomy - one 'Vaginament' at a time.

Canada-based McAleenan's hand-woven female bits are made from colourful wool-blend felt and have a small metal ball stitched in-between the 'labia'. And while they're a simplified version of a real-life lady garden, no one Vaginament is the same - much like yours and mine.

The ornamental vajazzles have proved so popular McAleenan's had to shut up shop - we're not ovary acting - to allow herself time to catch up on the backlog of orders but she's confident normal cervix will resume as soon as possible. She told Cosmpolitan.com: "My wise friend Carrie pointed out that if the good people can wait three years for a Birkin, they can indeed wait two months for a Vaginament."

If you can't wait that long, McAleenan holds build-your-own-Vaginament sessions five times a month. Find out when the next one is here.

Will you be adding Vaginaments to your Christmas shopping list? Let us know your thoughts @soFeminineUK

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Helen Turnbull
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