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You Can Now Buy This Prada Paperclip For The Bargain Price of £140

by Pascale Day ,
You Can Now Buy This Prada Paperclip For The Bargain Price of £140© barneys.com

Do you ever find yourself walking down the street on a blustery day and - uh oh! - that huge wad of fiddys sitting in your pocket has blown straight out of your pocket and all over the pavement? Not today, world! Because Prada's got you: they're selling a paperclip to help you keep hold of all your cash.

Well, the Microsoft Office paperclip sure has gone up in the world, hasn't he?

See, Prada have started selling this hella fancy paperclip. To be clear, it's not a paperclip for paper - well, not in the literal sense of the word. In the rapper sense, sure.

This paperclip is actually a money clip in the shape of a paperclip. Very clever! But before you start putting your many dollar bills in there, you better keep a few out to pay for the thing - because this paperclip is gonna set you back about $185 (£145).

The clip is polished sterling silver and made in Prada's birthplace of Italy, and - this is the money shot - it has the word 'Prada' embossed on the side. So if people think you've nabbed this humongous paperclip from the desk drawer of a giant then think again, because this is Prada, bitch.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day over the fashion company's latest extravagant product:

If you feel Prada is a bit basic for you, then don't worry - plenty of other fashion houses have these cool paperclip money clips for an equally ludicrous price tag, like Barney's twisted paperclip for just $150 (£117). Either way, this is definitely a super cool and totally necessary purchase.

Would you buy this paper clip? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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