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Miley Cyrus naked again: "I like that I'm associated with sexuality"

by Teddi Ginsberg ,
Miley Cyrus naked again: "I like that I'm associated with sexuality"© W

With wavy bleach blonde hair and bleached eyebrows, Miley Cyrus doesn't quite look like herself on the March cover of W. The only thing that looked familiar, in fact, was the singer's lack of clothing. But make no mistake - once you crack open the magazine and read her tell-all interview with Ronan Farrow that's peppered with lines like, "I like that I'm associated with sexuality," and "I'm no Disney," you'll know it's her.

Miley is going bleach and bare for W's March cover story. The new Queen of Controversy opened up about everything from her sex appeal to her idols to her thoughts about the bad press surrounding her tour.

The shots in the magazine show a different, more vulnerable side of Miley. (No pun intended!)

When it comes to her personal sense of style, Miley explains, "I just don't get what half the girls are wearing. Everyone to me seems like Vanna White. I'm trying to tell girls, like, ‘F--k that. You don't have to wear makeup. You don't have to have long blonde hair and big t--ties. That's not what it's about. It's, like, personal style.' I like that I'm associated with sexuality and the kind of punk-rock shit where we just don't care."

She goes on to say, "Like Madonna or Blondie or Joan Jett—Jett's the one that I still get a little shaky around. She did what I did in such a crazier way. I mean, girls then weren't supposed to wear leather pants and, like, f--king rock out. And she did."

On being accused of exploiting her minority backup dancers for her Bangerz tour, Miley says, "I'm not Disney, where they have, like, an Asian girl, a black girl, and a white girl, to be politically correct, and, like, everyone has bright colored T-shirts. You know, it's like, I'm not making any kind of statement. Anyone that hates on you is below you, because they're just jealous of what you have."

And even though perhaps we've seen a bit too much of Miley's "bare" side - the girl does love fashion. She's working with Jeremy Scott, The Blonds, Cavalli, and Kenzo to create unforgettable costumes for her upcoming Bangerz tour.

The March issue of W hits newsstands on February 12. Will you be picking up a copy? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

All above shots via W.

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