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Flawless Fashion: The Impeccable Style Of Olivia Palermo

by Pascale Day ,
Flawless Fashion: The Impeccable Style Of Olivia Palermo© Getty Images

From The City socialite to chic fashion guru, Olivia Palermo is officially our style goddess. You can guarantee that no matter the season, Palermo has a well-tailored look for it. Her look is like a well written book: meticulously-edited with an unwavering sophistication that is honed to perfection. It's an innate sense of style that has us screaming "HOW?!" at our laptop screens every time we spot her out and about. Here, we take a look at her top fashion moments.

Serious question: has anyone ever seen Olivia Palermo look bad? Anybody? What about as a child, or did she just come out of the womb already wearing a Chanel two-piece? Olivia is know for being the queen of impeccable dressing, and every garment that makes up her outfit perfectly accompanies each other in a way that looks like she's just thrown it together in the morning whilst eating a croissant and sipping tea. We're all hoping that's not the case and that it takes her just as long as us to get ready (at least an hour, with two hissy fits thrown in for good measure).

At any given time, Olivia is immaculate, and it's not just her outfit: have you ever seen a hair out of place? A chipped nail? An unshaved leg? No. Because Olivia doesn't just do fashion - she lives it. When she's not jet-setting between the fashion hotspots - Paris, Milan, London, New York - she's hanging out on Valentino's yacht. No big D. It's all in a day's work for this stylish sister.

Ms P came from not-so-humble beginnings on the show The City, Whitney Port's The Hills spin-off that saw her travel to New York to work for Diane von Fürstenberg. Yes even in 2009, when we were all wearing oversized belts and ill-fitting tops, Olivia was still top of her fashion game. Ms Palermo doesn't fall down any fashion rabbit holes.

Olivia's come a long way from her reality-TV days and it's all thanks to her ability to create simple, elegant, timeless outfits that mix girly sensibilities with razor-sharp, clean-cut edginess. And because of that, she'll always define fashion goals. Check her out at her fashionable best below.

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