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A Real Woman Is Whatever The Hell She Wants To Be: How To Dress If You're Curvy

by Rose Adams ,
A Real Woman Is Whatever The Hell She Wants To Be: How To Dress If You're Curvy

Blessed with breasts and Beyonce hips? Lucky you! You're perfect just the way you are, but with great beauty comes the little ol' challenge of knowing how to dress those curves right, and it ain't always easy. But fear not ladies, we've got you - thanks to our do's and don'ts, looking hot to trot has never been easier!

When you're blessed with curves in all the right places, it can be a little tricky to find sexy outfits to flatter your figure, without feeling out of your comfort zone. It's true that confidence is key, and owning it is the ultimate aim of the fashion game, but it's no fun spending all your time fussing over what to wear if you're suffering a dip in confidence.

Rejoice then for our ultimate list of do's and don't for the curvy girlie we all want to be. Get it girl!


Coats that fall below your hips

A longer coat that ties in the middle will draw everything in and cinch you at the waist. Remember to keep the cut fairly fitted rather than loose so it still shows off your bust.

Long, loose, high-waisted trousers

The high waisted style is an absolute god send for any one conscious of their stomach area (that's us then!) The longer length is perfect if you’re tall and a loose fit is perfect for you if you want to camouflage your thighs.

Loose, non-pleated, trapeze shaped skirts

This style of skirt is uber flattering if your problem area is your legs and thighs. A floaty style will draw the eye down.

Low cut summer dresses

If you're blessed in the breast department then lucky you! Show them off in a dress with a low neckline to draw attention to your best assets. Ruffle sleeves are also a definite DO for curvy ladies.

Long, fluid, evening dresses that nip in at the waist

With an hourglass shape, nine times out of ten the smallest part of your figure will be an iddy biddy waist, so don't be afraid to accentuate this with a long, floaty dress that nips in your middle. When it comes to choosing the perfect length, go for one that skims your bottom.


Boots, glorious boots. The perfect addition to any outfit whether that be night or day. We're obsessed with 'em and own countless pairs, you can never have too many. Wear your fave ankle pair with a floaty dress or tucked in jeans for daytime get-up.

Skinny belts that sit on your hips

Don't make the mistake of taking it back to the noughties with a wide waisted belt as this will give the illusion of making your waist seem bigger than it actually is and there's no fun in that. Keep it skinny for style gains.

Vertical lines, for a slimming effect

When choosing outfits with a stripe design- and why not, it's the pattern that never goes out of fashion after all - keep the lines vertical rather than horizontal. Vertical stripes are one of the best little known slimming tips as they draw the eye downward.

Loose fabrics that fall vertically

Loose, floaty skirts and trousers give your shape structure.

Loose long-sleeved tops

If your main body hang up is your arms or bingo wings then opt for tops with capped sleeves. Avoid strapless and spaghetti strapped tops if you're conscious of your arms as these will only accentuate them. Go for t-shirt shapes or long sleeves and you'll be feeling confident in no time.

Tunics and long blouses

Uber flattering and super transitional too - what's not to love?


Short coats

Hour glass lovelies look amazing in longer coats which fall just under the bottom. Avoid cropped styles as these shorten the silhouette. Another style to avoid is pockets which sit over the bust like they would on a denim jacket.

Low rise trousers

Stick to high waisted styles that conceal a problem tummy rather than a low rise pair of trousers or shorts as these can cut you off around the middle.

Dresses that cut in under the bust

One element of 'out out' dresses that never seems to go out of style is one that cuts in under the bust area, but this style's a no-go zone for big boobed gals. We're not into cutting off our circulation thanks.

Loud prints

Not that anyone would take style tips from Ace Ventura, but if you are partial to rocking a floral or lairy print, keep it as muted as possible, as anything loud and garish can actually make you look bigger.

Mini skirts

It's a no brainer that if you're conscious of your thighs or legs, showing them off in a super short mini may seem unappealing. But there's a tonne of flattering longer and midi style skirts out there to choose from that you'll look amazing in, just shop around to find the best one for you.

Trousers with lots of pockets

No, I'm not talking about those dreadful baggy combats we all rocked in the noughties, but trousers with plenty of pockets can actually make thighs look bigger so stick for minimalist styles.

Fully zipped or buttoned up coats

If your longer coat has buttons or a zip, avoid doing them up and instead leave them open to show off your outfit.

Shiny fabrics

Fabrics with a shiny sheen are often clingy and unflattering, so opt for a looser, floaty fit and avoid the disco look. It's so last season anyway!

Stretchy Fabrics

If you're conscious of your tummy or middle, tops and dresses made from stretchy fabrics like lycra are going to accentuate that all the more, so to feel and look your best, go for cotton or floaty fabrics which also allow your skin to breathe, reducing sweating too - winning!

​Top Tips To Flatter Your Figure

- Confidence is key. If you’re confident about your gorgeous figure, all that people will see are your beautiful curves, not excess lbs!

- Black is best. There's a whole lotta truth in the age old fashion mantra that dark colours are slimming and make you look more in proportion - it's the way to go.

- Match motifs and accessories to your shape. Incorporating statement jewellery pieces like jewelled earrings or a bright necklace can draw the eye upwards, balancing out your proportions.

- Showcase those assets. If you’re bottom-heavy, showcasing your top half by wearing shoulder-padded jackets or big accessories can make all the difference. It's all about balancing out those proportions.

- Size doesn't matter. It’s better to get clothes altered to fit you perfectly than wearing something that’s too big or too small.

- What really matters is that you feel gorgeous and happy with the body you were blessed with, so if you feel good in strapped tops and bright colours then there's no reason not to wear them!

What's your best body confidence tip? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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