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11 Essential Fashion Items That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style

by Cliche Wynter ,
11 Essential Fashion Items That Will NEVER Go Out Of Style© Instagram

As Heidi Klum would say, "In fashion, one day you're in, the next day you're out. " But what if we told you that's not always the case? Believe it or not, there are certain items and looks that will forever be closet staples. We know, just the incentive you needed for a little guilt-free shopping! Here are 11 looks that will NEVER go out of style.

Here's a shocker: women love to shop. So much so, that we often buy a lot of unnecessary crap that we eventually give away. Such is the circle of life in a shopaholic's world. Are you wondering why we bombard our wardrobes with items we wind up not wearing? It's because new purchases smell and feel so good, they're impossible to resist.

However, while swiping our cards and taking home a bag full of enviable garments gives us a feeling of euphoria, nothing aches more than the reality of cash wasted on worthless pieces.

With that in mind, it's always important to know where to invest your money. A rule of thumb? Splurge on classics and skimp on trendy pieces. That way you'll get a ton of bang for your buck!

Here are 11 items that will never go out of style.

1. White shirt & blue jeans


There's just something about a crisp white shirt and blue jeans that always seems to do the trick. It's clean and classic. We promise you'll never go wrong in this crazy cute combo.

2. Flirty florals


While new innovations are being made on the floral front, the fact remains, a pretty print is great to have on tap. They're fun, flirty, and feminine. When you're in a super girly mood, turn up the flower power.

3. A chic blazer


Blazers are the best friends you've always dreamed of having, but thought you never quite deserved. That's just how awesome they are. What makes them so great is their impeccable ability to turn an outfit from drab to chic in 2 seconds. Yup, the transformation is that instant.

Perhaps their best quality is versatility. You can wear them with jeans, a skirt, or a dress. No matter what you choose, the end result will always have a polished finish.

4. Black pumps


Why? Because they go with everything. We can't tell you how many times we've turned to our trusty black pumps when we've been in doubt. They have literally saved the day more times than we count.

Grab yourself a pair or three. Stat!

5. Leopard print


Leopard prints immediately up your fierce factor. You can wear them in a sporty or sexy way; it all depends on your mood. One thing's for sure: you'll be turning heads.

6. A spiffy pair of sunglasses


Oh, sunglasses. How we love thee! Let us count the ways.

1. They protect our eyes from the sun.
2. They look really cool
3. They hide our hangovers
4. They're amazing
5. Did we mention they're really cool?

7. Statement jewellery


Whether it's earrings, a necklace, or both at the same time, statement jewellery will undoubtedly work wonders for your wardrobe. A pair of jeans and a tee become twice as stylish with the perfect accessories.

8. An eye-catching LBD


A little black dress or LBD, is an absolute must for every woman. They can be dressed up or played down. The bottom line is: they will always come in handy and will never let you down.

9. Maxi dress


Although some people think maxi dresses can't be worn by shorter women, the truth is, they're perfect for everyone. It's all about finding the right one for you (or a wonderful tailor).

Don't go through the summer without one. They're effortless and very breathable.

10. Cut-off shorts


What better way to show off your gorgeous gams than with a pair of cut-off denim shorts? When the temperatures begin to soar, let those legs of yours get some sun. Pair it with a graphic tee or a chic blouse for a more put together look.

11. Pencil skirt


Pencil skirts always manage to strike the perfect balance between classy and sexy. Here it is given added punch in fiery lace.

Do you have all of these items? What are some of your closet staples? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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