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19 Times Anna Wintour Hated Fashion Week

by Lareese Craig ,
19 Times Anna Wintour Hated Fashion Week

A quick search of Anna Wintour and you'll soon see that apart from being one of the biggest and most influential women in fashion, she's also a dab hand at pulling a bitchy resting face on the front row. Here's 19 times Anna Wintour hated on her frow buddies and everything else around her during fashion week. One girl's dream is another woman's nightmare.


This is almost as bad as the time I had to deal with Harper picking her nose on the frow.


You got me coffee for breakfast. Seriously? Dammit girl I wanted interns. Interns for breakfast.


I pity the stylist that put me in this camel coloured sweater. It's so MEH.


Please stop clapping now you're unsettling my fashion dust.


I'm the Queen of Vogue, of course I can wear yellow. Like duh.


You can't sit with us. I mean me, you can't sit with ME.


Round and round the garden like a teddy bear... I'm kidding, touch my hand and you'll die.


Floral blooms at fashion week? How groundbreaking.


Just because I'm smiling and touching you dearly on the chest, don't think I wouldn't sell your soul for Chanel.


Ah, the draped jacket over the shoulders look, like we've never seen that look before.


They call that groundbreaking? Give me a break.


Next step... invisibility cloak.


You've got five minutes to tell me why you deserve to sit next to me or you can park your butt on the back row. GO.


On Wednesdays we wear black. Too bad you didn't get the memo.


They call me Anna, Anna Condé Nast.


Damn it Phily darling all those Topshop dollars can't buy you minty fresh breath can they!


Shhhesh ever heard of frizz control Gracey? Blocking. My. View.


Go on make another winter joke I dare you.


Keep it together Lupita, if you need to cry go outside.

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