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30 #GirlProblems Men Will Never Understand

by Lareese Craig ,
30 #GirlProblems Men Will Never Understand

Winged eyeliner, unruly tampons & holding your pee when you've just painted your nails. Life would be so much easier if being a girl wasn't So. Much. Blinking. Effort. Here's 30 #GirlProblems men will never understand.

1. When you try to even out your winged eyeliner and it just takes over your whole face.

2. You could have sworn you bought shiny new bobby pins last week but all you have to show for it is this...

3. I need the loo but I just painted my nails. Holding in pee it is!

4. THIS. THIS is a problem.

5. Getting your hair caught in a dress zip. It’s the only time we’d ever be comfortable with the sound of shears.

6. When you put on your chic ass coat but wait, there’s a clump of hair under the armpit #shedmorethanyourdog

7. Being good all day and then eating everything in sight as soon as you get home. No one must ever know about this.

8. Moisturising and then trying to get into your skinny jeans. Not happening anytime soon.

9. When that extra large raindrop ruins your eyebrow game.

10. Readjusting your tights right up to your boobs when you think no one is looking.

11. Trying to disguise tampons from your work colleagues on your way to the toilet #shouldhavewornsleeves

12. When you see a girl doing her makeup on public transport and you know you look like a psycho but can’t help but stare.

13. Wanting the body of a Victoria’s Secret model but wanting pizza more.

14. Realising your hair is probably 90 per cent dry shampoo.

15. When you leave a MAC store all like...

16. Committing to a nail colour. It's life changing.

17. When the string on the inside of your dress comes loose and tickles your leg and you think your tampon is trying to escape. Because sometimes they do that.

18. Fake tan BO, it’s worse than anything. Apart from hungover fake tan BO. You don't wanna be sharing a bed when you have that.

19. Acting overly nice when a girl you kinda know turns up in the same outfit. Time to be shrill and squeal and shiz to overcompensate for how p*ssed you are.

20. When you can't decide whether it's better to try and salvage your fake lashes or rip them off and toss them to the floor.

21. Wearing something sheer/nude/white when you’re drunk… good luck disguising wee patches.

22. When you go into a shop purely to get a free spray of perfume *pretends to be interested, picks
up bottle inquisitively*

23. Trying to walk in heels when they need reheeling. Everyone turns to look for a horse but it's not a horse it's just you clip clopping along.

24. Trying to eat a banana in a public place without making eye contact.

25. When your fave lipstick is nothing but a helpless stump but you refuse to believe it's over.

26. Picking a god damn filter. But what if I regret Mayfair?!

27. Sneezing after you’ve just done your mascara, sneezing when you're on your period, sneezing sucks.

28. Those random matted tufts of hair that you get from wearing your hair up too much. Damn you top knot.

29. Cutting your hair and not knowing how to feel about it.

30. Trying to avoid putting your foot through the knee holes in your ripped jeans. Gah the rips are now gaping man holes.

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