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23 Guy Problems Women Will Never Understand

by Lareese Craig ,
23 Guy Problems Women Will Never Understand

Men are baffling at the best of times but when they start hashtagging their guy problems at us we're like really though? Are beards and boners really that distressing? Try finding jeans that fit your waist, thighs AND your butt and sneezing when you've just done your mascara. Here's 23 guy problems women will never understand.

Boys, when you have to deal with boob chaffage and camel toe that's when you can own your problems.

1. Your banter game HAS to be strong

No sense of humour. No friends.

2. Peeing can be difficult

Yep, they have the advantage of being able to whack their whopper out just about anywhere but when it comes to pulling it out in the urinals… Just keep staring at the wall tiles even if it does mean sprinkling on your shoes.

3. Waking up in the middle of the night....

Either your boner awoke you or your Clash of Clans troops need resources.

4. Oh high my name is hjdjsdg (Moustache in mouth)


5. Waiting for us

She won’t be long she said…. The struggle is real.

6. When you’re the only man in the family

Don’t even know what the bathroom looks like.

7. Erections

Rouge boners, no boners, morning wood, morning steel, peeing with a boner. Fifa? Double boner.

8. Limited shopping choices

Where’s your jumper from bro?
Topman. Idiot.

9. A lot of penis grabbing

On the phone? Hands can be found clutching his penis. Then wiping his nose. WTF.

10. The hair

Hours spent styling that one piece of hair that's just like, nah I don't wanna go that way. Not today. Not for you.

11. Manscaping

A little less lawn makes the tree appear taller but over trim and you run the risk of looking like a pre-pubescent teen. Under trim and there's no chance of getting a BJ. Can we just all agree that stubble is best? Groom the grass guys but don't mow it down.

12. When another guy doesn't like football WTF

It's gonna be a long night.

13. When you turn up to a party in a shirt and blazer and your best mate is already there in a shirt and blazer

14. Shirt in or shirt out?

In says I'm sophisticated, clean-cut yet possibly more well-groomed than you. Out says I'm scruffy, rugged and I've learned to love myself this way.

15. When all three pairs of your boxers are done with

Time to wear the football pants. No one should have to see those.

16. Not crying

Marley and me? Nothing tugs on a guy's heart strings more than a dead dog. Or a crying Jennifer Aniston.

17. When she gets clingy

Break it off. Do it now.

18. The close shave

Nothing hurts more than nipping your dangly bits.

19. Waiting for a bench

Come on pal my protein's curdling here.

20. When a girl wears a low cut top

Don't look, don't look but naturally you talk to our nipples and immediately get branded a raving perv.

21. Trying to make sense of girl logic

She uploaded an Instagram quote. What does this mean?!

22. Sharing a bed with her

Seriously? If you're a starfish then I'm just a piece of shrivelled up plankton right now. MOVE OVER.

23. When the barber butchers your hair game

I don't specifically remember asking for the jailbait look but that's the kinda risk you run for a fiver in the chair.

Got any #guyproblems you wanna share with us on your boyfs behalf? Give us something to laugh about @sofeminineUK

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