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30 Struggles Only Fashionistas Will Understand

by Lareese Craig ,
30 Struggles Only Fashionistas Will Understand

For all the girls who will defend culottes and Birkenstocks until hell freezes over, this is for you. Here's 30 struggles only fashionistas will understand.

1. Folding throwing your life into a suitcase that you’re told has to weigh 20kgs. Do they have any idea how much sequins weigh?

2. Pay day never lasts. Don't think just swipe.

3. Your pain threshold? Second. To. None. Statement necklaces = a life time of bruised collar bone.

4. The fear of wasting an Insta worthy outfit on an insignificant day.

5. When someone steps on the back of your brand new shoes and you spend your entire lunch break getting them re-heeled. You better run.

6. Purchasing a hat and never being able to wear it because it’s too effing windy.

7. Finding that investment piece you splashed out on last week is now in the sale. Crippling.

9. You’re constantly wishing you were that bit more French.

10. When your spaghetti straps get all slippery nipple on you. Oh hey boob.

11. Being that in love with a new purchase you can’t bring yourself to actually wear it. It has to stay this clean and new forever.

12. Trying to stay calm when you're wearing white.

13. Thinking you’re finally small enough to get into those super skinny Joni jeans from Topshop. Actually cutting off circulation now.

14. Trying to explain that wearing sunglasses in winter isn't pretentious it's practical.

15. The excitement you feel over floral print. Words can’t even.

16. When your receipt is almost as tall as you.

17. When the shop assistant goes out the back to look for more stock and comes back empty handed. Kindly look again please.

18. Looking for the perfect birthday dress is like trying to find Ian Beale attractive.

19. Spending your whole life wishing people would just hurry up and get over slogans already.

20. Coming home from a scheduled day of shopping with no bags. Nothing haunts us more.

21. Buying the same thing twice because you’re petrified it will get ruined. Yep, that happens.

22. The day you go to Topshop... and you can’t find anything! I don’t even know who I am anymore!

23. Out of stock. The only words scarier than 'Is Pepsi ok?'

24. Knowing your bank deets off by heart #shoppingonlineproblems

25. Constantly having to explain trends to your friends. Normcore is… why bother.

26. Every month you say you’re gonna save and then Zara calls you like "Hey I got new knitwear."

27. When you put something in your online basket, go to pay and it's sold out. Cannot deal.

28. When something you’ve wanted comes back online. I mean it’s better than seeing your ex when he looks sh*t and you look hot.

29. Correcting people whenever they try to say Versace. Or haute couture.


30. When someone tries to convince you that leggings are trousers and that they look cute with Uggs. Just stop talking.

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