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13 Things Girl Bands Taught Us About Fashion

by Tolani Shoneye ,
13 Things Girl Bands Taught Us About Fashion© Google Images

Not only did they give us great music, yes great music, and introduced us to girl power, girl bands also taught us a thing or two about fashion. From allowing us to embrace our midriff, to making us fall in love with leopard print, once upon a time these ladies were our ultimate fashion inspiration.

Before fashion bloggers, we had girl bands.

1. Mel C, Spice Girls

The originator of sports luxe. Mel C taught us everything we need to know about rocking a tracksuit and a high ponytail.

2. Bewitched

What we learnt? You can never have too much denim in one outfit.

3. Destiny’s Child

Wear camouflage and be a survivor.

4. TLC

​Dungarees and condoms. A lesson in fashion and safe sex.

5. All Saints

Never be afraid to wear a shirt and tie, and add a waist coat to the mix if you feel like it. Screw the gender roles.

6. Girls Aloud

No such thing as too much skin. Ok this might be really bad advice, I mean Cheryls cut out number might be a little too much skin.

7. Spice Girls

Head to toe leather is always a good idea. Just look how bad ass Vicky B looks.

8. Mis-Teeq

No such thing as too much plunge. The lower the plunge the better.

9. Atomic Kitten

Crop tops are aways a good idea. And if you really want to be on trend add a belly button piercing for some sparkle.

10. Keisha, Sugababes

Wear an halterneck and a woolly hat, ignore seasonal fashion and wear whatever you want.

11. Destiny’s Child

Customise your jeans. Add some bling, cut it up and use a safety pin to keep it together. Just jazz them up.

12. The Saturdays

Always match with your girls. Not matter how bad the dress is, you're all in this together.

13. Spice Girls

So many lessons in this picture. Posh spice proves you can never go wrong with a little black dress.
Scary teaches us to embrace leopard print. Ginger shows us how to be fashionable and patriotic, regards if its your country or not, just wear a flag. And just check out sporty in all her sports luxe glory.

We are not too sure what Baby is trying to express, but we love her anyway.

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