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15 Ways Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnancy Goals In Every Way

by Lareese Craig ,
15 Ways Chrissy Teigen Is Pregnancy Goals In Every Way

Ever since she announced that her and John Legend were expecting their first baby together, Chrissy Teigen has been giving us all the goals. The tweets have got even funnier, the cravings are bang on and the outfits... fleek doesn't even cut it. Here's 15 ways she is slaying the pregnancy game in every way.

She announced her pregnancy with THE cutest picture

Look at all the happiness, that’s not the kind of happy you can Valencia that's real AF.

She’s making the most of this eating for two thing

Burritos, cinnamon rolls, Tacos, 50 boxed doughnuts, cookie butter cheesecake (find us that cake) and Cap n Pebbles cereal. She's not holding back on her cravings and we love her for it.

Even when people give her unsolicited baby advice about eating sugar, she doesn't backtrack. No. she shuts. them. down

She’s embracing her new pregnancy body

And for the first time ever we hated her a little bit.

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on Dec 26, 2015 at 10:38am PST

Then there was the time she told people not to worry when they misinterpreted her #FatArmpitShadow for a suspicious lump

And when she got straight to the point with this dweeb

She's honest about the sh*t she doesn't know

Then there was the time she put an end to the baby name hype once and for all

Her maternity wardrobe is lit

Even if she doesn't think so

When she spoke on behalf of all womankind during the annual Victoria's Secret show

When social media got all hyped about the size of her bump and she handled it like a boss

Trolls gonna troll but fortunately, Chrissy is an unoffendable badass.

In fact, all of her pregnancy tweets are (to borrow her favourite expression) The Tits

This one is a personal favourite

For all the times she's had to see this!

She’s proof that nothing is more beautiful or ballsy than an expectant mother. We can’t wait to see that precious mini Legend!

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