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Fashion Toddlers! 25 Photos Of Kids With More Style Than Us

by Tolani Shoneye Published on 28 January 2015

Proof, if you ever needed it, that fashion is for all ages. These little fashionistas may have only been on this earth for a matter of months, but all of them are giving us some serious lessons in style. From geek chic to urban cool, vintage fashionistas and everything in between, these fashion toddlers have got us green eyed with their flawless style credentials. So trend and SO adorable. Cue the awws...

Hold onto your ovaries and prepare for cuteness overload...

Can we just have a moment for this little cutie and her flower head band.

Follow her on Instagram @foreverandforava

How is it possible for a child to be this freaking cool?

Follow her on Instagram @scoutfashionpng

Is it wrong that I really want her coat?

Follow her on Instagram @ewkak

As if she wasn’t cute enough, she added a little pug into the mix.

Follow her mummy on Instagram @suhriedige

Just check out his leopard print shoes, and take it in.

Follow him on Instagram @ana317

It doesn’t get much cooler that this.

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This might be the cutest thing to ever happen.

Follow her mummy on Instagram @taylensmom

If I had your wardrobe I'd be smiling too.

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I can only dream about being this stylish.

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Going for the moody stylish look here.

Follow him on Instagram @jetaimekyan

North who?

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She is holding a mini Celine bag. I mean come on.

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Can you handle the cuteness?

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More style than most adult men.

Follow his mummy on Instagram @luisafere

Everything on fleek.

Follow her on Instagram @ava_milan_

Too cool for school.

Follow his mummy on Instagram @leighlanicole

Take your crown you fashion queen.

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Can’t decide what’s cuter his style or his smile.

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Geek chic.

Follow his mummy on Instagram @mom_seemee

It’s ok for my fashion idol to be a 2 year old child, right?

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For some more style inspiration, have a look at these style quotes that you should live by.

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