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Looking Fab For Less! 10 Ways To Be A Budget Fashionista

by Tolani Shoneye ,
Looking Fab For Less! 10 Ways To Be A Budget Fashionista

Being a fashionista can be expensive, I mean really who has the budget for Prada, Chanel or Vuitton? We can just about afford Zara. But being short on change doesn’t mean you can’t look great. So before you break the bank trying to be stylish check out the 10 ways you can be a fashionista for less, or for nothing at all in some cases.

  1. · eBay is a fashion dream
  2. · Wear your coat on your shoulders
  3. · Sharing is caring
  4. · Less is more
  5. · Do a casual tuck
  6. · Troll the shops.
  7. · Accessories, Accessories, Accessories
  8. · Leave your hat on
  9. · DIY Fashion
  10. · Primark

We are making frugal fashion a thing, and we think you should too. Just follow these steps and you will be looking like a fashionista in no time.

1. eBay is a fashion dream

Because you can pretty much find anything on eBay, and I mean anything. It’s what fashion dreams are made of. A cashmere coat, for £12, plus delivery. True story!

2. Wear your coat on your shoulders

The chicest way to wear your coat is not to wear it, yes it’s impractical and hugs are a no no, but it’s fashion darling. Think of your coat as a cape, and just let it drape on your shoulders. It doesn't matter which old coat you chose, when you wear it this way it's going to look FRESH.

3. Sharing is caring

Why buy ‘boyfriend jeans’ when you can actually wear your boyfriend's jeans, the same goes for ‘mum’ jeans? Plus your boyfriend’s shirt looks great worn unbuttoned with jeans and heels. Sharing is stylish these days.

Très chic!

4. Less is more

A wise man once said “We’ll buy a lot of clothes but we don’t really need em.” Well the wise man was Kanye West, but it’s still a valid point when trying to be a fashionista on a budget.

Invest in a handful of essential pieces and get mixing and matching.

5. Do a casual tuck

Just grab a piece of your top and tuck it in. It’s casual, its cool and such a fashionista thing to do.

Exhibit A:

6. Troll the shops.

Listen up ladies, there's more to shopping than Topshop, Asos or Zara, of course all three are our firm favourites. But to really get the best for your money and bag some serious bargains you need to drop the snobbery and explore all shops. Yes that includes charity shops and believe it or not you can find decent buys in Asda. Yes Asda, never underestimate George Clothing.

7. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Did I mention accessories? Even the simplest tees can be stylish with the right accessories. Try clashing your accessories with your outfit. Wear a statement piece with casual outfits, and more casual accessories with dressy looks. You don't have to invest in a whole new wardrobe to look on point.

8. Leave your hat on

No matter the outfit, just stick a hat on, and watch your style cred instantly increase.

9. DIY Fashion

Do it your damn self. Make yourself one of a kind fashion pieces and watch other fashionistas die with envy.

It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s exclusive to you.

Learn how to make this bag here.

10. Primark

Because Primark never fails. Where else can you get a complete outfit, knickers included for £20.99? Frugal fashion at it’s best.

Looking for fashion inspiration? Check out these sofeminine's edit of fashionistas from the streets of London.

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