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#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Fashion Stylist Zodie Myles

by Lareese Craig ,
#InstaStarSF Of The Week With Fashion Stylist Zodie Myles

It's not what you wear it's how you wear it! That's the wardrobe mantra stylist and fashion blogger, Zodie Myles, lives by and one we're gonna start using ASAP. When she's not busy juggling a job in fashion retail she's inspiring women everywhere to have style confidence. You can see why we had to snap her up for our #InstaStarSF! Don't miss her Instagram takeover on @sofeminineUK TODAY!

She's got big goals and an even bigger wardrobe. Don't forget to follow her Instagram takeover on @sofeminineUK today!

Why did you set up Live Love Inspire Fashion ?

I done a Personal Styling Course back in March 2012, where I learnt all about fashion trends and how to style outfits for different occasions and different body shapes. When I was growing up, I always experimented with fashion, it's a real passion of mine, so when I completed the course I decided to create a blog to show the world what I can offer as a stylist.

Why did you decide on that name?

You have to live and breath fashion if you're passionate about it. You have to love fashion and want to experiment, you have to be inspired by others and think outside the box. That's how I came up with Live Love Inspire Fashion. It's all encompassing!

What can people expect on your blog?

Outfits that I have created from current trends, tips on dressing for different body shapes and any occasion, street style inspiration and buy now items that you can click and shop.

What are your top styling tips?

Keep your wardrobe minimal so you can mix and match items. Have a few statement pieces but don't forget to invest in your basics. They might not be the most exciting purchases but they are crucial to building your wardrobe and making it wearable on a day to day basis. Last but not least, have FUN with it.

What's the best experience you've had through blogging?

I got the opportunity to style a photo shoot with a friend of mine. Initially, she wanted me to feature in it but I managed to style the whole thing instead. It was such an amazing day and a chance to put everything I'd learned into practise. I loved every minute of it.

What can we expect on your Instagram takeover?

Lots of outfit posts, styling tips and my ongoing hat obsession. I can't stop.

Who do you check in with every day on Instagram?

Patricia Bright is always fun and cheerful, I love her videos with her beauty advice. London Tall Girl is great too, she has a very similar style to me and I can't forget Beauty Crush for her stunning back drops and vlogs.

What's been your most popular post/ the most meaningful thing that's happened to you on Instagram?

I got invited to the LK Bennett Styling event in Westfield where I met other bloggers and stylists it was the first event I have ever been to. I met the lovely Lareese Craig it was the best day, surrounded by everything fashion and styling. I was in my element!

What do you think will be the next big Insta trend?

The From Where I Stand thing's really taken off lately! Taking photos of your shoes and a snapshot of what you're wearing is great for creating interest because it doesn't offer up the whole image at once, it's more creative. Also, Polyvore outfit posts are gonna be big too - you choose 1 item from different stores and create a whole outfit for your viewers to recreate and buy. Styling made easy!

What top tips would you give for Insta success?

Be yourself, stay focused, publish what you love and are passionate about and be mindful that social media is a professional tool for inspiration and networking. There's so many cool bloggers out there it's impossible to keep tabs on all of them but stick with the ones you love and engage with them.

How would you describe your Instagram style? Does it differ from your blog?

My Instagram is more impromptu. It features my outfits, mandatory selfies (of course) and my day to day life but my blog is a professional platform for sharing my styling advice.

What influences who you follow on Insta?

The image for me is the most important aspect but captions provide the detail when it comes to my styling advice so a balance of both is important.

How difficult is it to stand out in the pool of Instagram fashion bloggers?

You have to stand out from the rest and do your best to present something different. My best advice is show off your personality, be passionate about what you do and don't hold back.

Final words of advice/top tips?

Capture what you love!

Fave place to shop?

I have to say I am the biggest Primark Fan. I love a bargain and getting classic items that don't cost the earth. I recently just brought my whole new wardrobe from there.

Fave beauty buys?

I'm definitely more about the fashion! I wear very minimal makeup but my go to item has to be my liquid eyeliner from Collection and my Rimmel London mascara (Scandal Eyes Retro Glam). For day to night looks I'll always fall back on my Sleek Makeup storm eye shadow palette... I love it!

What's next for Zodie and Live Love Inspire Fashion?

My next venture will be my new YouTube Channel. It's about to launch so watch this space.

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