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Jennifer Aniston's Best Fashion Looks Ever

by Rose Adams ,
Jennifer Aniston's Best Fashion Looks Ever© Getty Images

Whether it's flashing those incredible pins in a super short mini, or giving us all the princess feels in a floor length sparkly gown, Jennifer Aniston always kills it on the red carpet. We're totally obsessed with her style, and if you aren't yet then we can guarantee you will be after seeing all her best looks here in our gallery

There's just something about actress and style icon Jennifer Aniston. We're still just as obsessed with her today as we were back in the nineties when she dominated our huge box televisions. From Rachel with THAT amazing haircut, to the Hollywood red carpet royalty we know and love her as now, we just can't get enough of her timeless style.

Fresh off the back of the news of the Brangelina split, the internet went into meltdown with ALL the Jen celebration memes but, keeping it classy as ever, we're still yet to actually hear her thoughts. But who cares when she looks this good, aye? Let's appreciate what really matters here: her sassiest sartorial hits, and she's had many through the years.

Nineties Jen loved jeans and tight ab-bearing tees, while noughties Aniston was all about the metallics and nudes. Today she's found her style groove, opting for flattering fitted shapes and low cut necklines - but come on, this woman could look stylish in bin liner. Judging from her looks throughout the years, it's become even more apparent that she HASN'T AGED ONE BIT. Just what is this woman's secret? Answers on a postcard please.

Here we chart her style through the years:

Jennifer Aniston 1997 © Getty
Jennifer Aniston 1997
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What's your favourite ever Jen An look? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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