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16 Reasons New Year's Eve Is Overrated (And We'd Rather Stay Indoors in Our Onesies)

by Lareese Craig Published on 12 December 2013
16 Reasons New Year's Eve Is Overrated (And We'd Rather Stay Indoors in Our Onesies)

It's the same every year. You have these big expectations that New Year's Eve is gonna rock your world but actually it just winds up being the biggest let down of the year. By that we mean overpriced and full of Geordie Shore extras. Here’s 16 reasons NYE is totally overrated and we'd rather stay in and watch everyone in EastEnders suffer their tragic story lines. Here’s to a lousy Christmas and a crappy New Year!

1. All your friends are useless

The idea of a get together is fun, the reality isn't. It’s impossible to get a plan down no matter how many whatsapp groups you set up. And then there’s that one friend that insists on being together. All. The. Time

2. Mixing

Everyone has about three different sets of friends to please resulting in one mass group of awkward strangers pretending to be really interested in each other's life stories. Better get your best mingling chat on.

3. It’s a complete rip off

If you think about it in Topshop terms it’s really the equivalent of at least two outfits and we'd actually have something to show for it. Sack NYE off and go shopping instead?

4. Trying to get served

You decide to beat the queues by ordering three drinks at a time. Bye bye dignity.

5. The bouncers

Oh they’re a happy bunch aren’t they? You only have to catch your heel on the carpet for them to put you on pub watch. Oh and stroking their usually bald head? It doesn’t help one bit.

6. You lose your friends

To the smoking area, vodka or the ladies' loos. You'd go looking for them but it means losing your spot on the super douchey, sticky dance floor.

7. Lads, lads, lads

Please do dribble more apple sours down your chin, it’s SO sexy.

8. The needless pressure

There’s always high hopes for NYE. Hopes that amount to nothing but feeling like dog sh*t the next day and wondering how far you can make that lone fiver stretch this January.

9. Buying a new outfit

Trying to find a dress (because it has to be a dress) that's a giant glitter ball without being tacky? Near on impossible.

10. The cringe countdown

Counting backwards from 10 is a) actually really difficult when you’re drunk and b) a painfully long time to make awkward "are we gonna kiss?" eye contact with those around you.

11. The kiss, oh the kiss

Who is there to kiss?! There’s only two good looking people in this whole place and their kissing each other. FML.

12. The blubberer

Cue baby-sitting the friend that just loves to weep into her watered down champagne glass.

13. It’s chuffing freezing

And of course you’re in a dress with no tights. Genius.

14. Generally celebrating for no reason

We got fat over Christmas, there’s a cold dark winter ahead and we’re going back to work. Wooo love ya already 2015!

15. Oh great this song again

The DJ's playlist is limited to Old Lang Syne or Rihanna but you'd rather just put up with it than be known as the girl that requested something a bit old school #atthatage

16. The getting home part

Yeah good luck with that.

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Lareese Craig
Lareese Craig - Published on 12 December 2013
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