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Rainy Day Fashion: How to Dress For Summer Showers

by Cliche Wynter ,
Rainy Day Fashion: How to Dress For Summer Showers© TrendHunter.com

Now that we've shaken the cold, we have to prepare for the next round of rocky weather: rain season. That's right. Spring showers are upon us, which means tons of rain gear are in order. The good news? Braving torrential downpours doesn't automatically mean you have to go the frumpy route. Dress stylish during the spring/summer showers with these tips and pieces.

  1. · Think Practical & Stylish Coats
  2. · It's All About Footwear
  3. · Waterproof Purses, Please
  4. · Cute Umbrellas Count
  5. · Need some outfit inspiration? Check out these stylish ladies:

We know you've just about had it with bad weather and you're ready to fully embrace the sun. Unfortunately, before we can cross the boarder to endless summer sunshine, we have to cope with some pesky spring rain.

This is a season that is known for its unpredictable weather; one minute you're basking in the warmth and the next you're soaked from head-to-toe. It can be all too easy to get fed up on those gloomy days and throw on the first thing you see. But you have to fight that urge. Yes, it is possible to dress stylish in pouring rain.

Check out these tips and shop these must-have items!

Think Practical & Stylish Coats

Misty Plastic Trench Coat l Translucent Plastic Mac l Longline Frosted Plastic Mac l ASOS Rain Trench In Vintage Styling l Rain Trench With Contrast Binding

Forget about those bright yellow monstrosities you wore as a child, there are a ton of chic rain coats on deck this season that are sure to up your fashion game. Whether it's a clear option that allows your outfit to shine, or a fiery red plastic mac, there's no reason you can't stay dry while looking fly.

It's All About Footwear

Kate Spade New York Rain Boots l Jeffrey Campbell 'Stormy' Rain Boots l Däv Lace-up Rain Boots l Bootsi Tootsi Umbrella Rain Boots l Corkys Splash Women's Rain Boots

Yes, we love our Hunters just as much as you do. But as it turns out, there is a whole world of fancy rain day footwear that we barely knew existed. Take that heeled Kate Spade beauty for example. It's perfect for the gal who'd rather die than be caught in flats.

Another tip: Don't be afraid to forgo boring black boots. Live a little in print and color!

Waterproof Purses, Please

LESPORTSAC Plus Coated Nylon Large Travel Tote l Classic Nylon Brynne l Moschino Quilted Nylon Reporter Bag l Leopard Detail Nylon Bag l Marc by Marc Jacobs Crosby Quilt Nylon Backpack l

Speaking from personal experience, there's nothing more annoying that finding out all your precious items were soaked in a downpour. It's why it's important to opt for water resistant purses on these days. We promise it's something you won't regret. Your personal effects are thanking you already.

Cute Umbrellas Count

Stripe Bubble Umbrella l Printed Bubble Umbrella l Original Duckhead Umbrella l Walking Stick Umbrella, Dachshund

Well duh! You can't head out on a rainy day without an umbrella. But please skip those crappy $3.99 ones and invest in something more durable AND stylish. Remember: accessories are always key.

Need some outfit inspiration? Check out these stylish ladies:

What's your go-to rainy weather attire? Tweet us @wewomenUSA.

This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

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