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Rihanna goes glam goth for 032c magazine photo shoot

by Lareese Craig ,
Rihanna goes glam goth for 032c magazine photo shoot© Rihanna Instagram

The Instagram snaps just keep pouring in thanks to Rihanna and let's not deny it, we love our daily bad gal updates. She went all out in a glam goth photo shoot for German magazine 032c, clad in fishnet gloves, smudged lipstick, wet-look lids and THAT mullet. The 1950s have never looked so vampy.

Rihanna's at it again! She's been on an Instagram sharing spree uploading snaps of her glam goth-inspired photo shoot for German mag 032c and she looks bad ass! What would we do without her?

The global superstar graced the cover of 032c's winter issue showing off her killer curves and the darker side of her make-up bag.

In her latest 'spooky' snaps the Bajan singer got all dressed up in a mixture of gothy garb with a vamped-out pout, vinyl finish eyes and a seriously cool wardrobe.

With her fearless face art attitude is it really any wonder she's just been announced as the next spokesperson for Viva Glam MAC Cosmetics?

Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh and styled by Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna poses in a polka dot fishtail dress featuring off the shoulder straps, a 50s style head scarf and up to the elbow fishnet gloves.

In another close-up snap Ri-Ri pulls her signature snarl face, cigarette in mouth, two fingers up and a cloud of smoke surrounding her.

Rihanna goes glam goth for 032c Magazine photo shoot © Rihanna Instagram
Rihanna goes glam goth for 032c Magazine photo shoot
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Moving onto accessories, she was dripping with chunky chokers, spiky dog collars and plenty of ring bling which she modelled to perfection with a deep midnight black mani.

Despite looking slightly more covered up, she couldn't resist flashing a bit of under-boob matched with garters and thigh-highs.

Her hair was styled into a spiky punk mullet, with a face-shaping cut at the front and backcombed lengths round the back.

Only Rihanna could make crucifixes, dog collars and mullets sexy!

After this little taster, we can't wait to see some more shots from her 22 page spread...

What do you think of Rihanna's vampy photo shoot? Glam goth or Adam's family faux pas? Tweet us @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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