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15 Times Debbie Harry Proved She Was The Ultimate Style Icon

by Lareese Craig ,
15 Times Debbie Harry Proved She Was The Ultimate Style Icon

With her platinum blonde lob, metallic makeup tekkers and her fearless stage get-up, it didn't take Debbie Harry long to establish style icon status. From the 80s to the here and now, there's a good reason why we're still swooning over Blondie's front-woman. Happy Birthday Debs, you punk rock legend, you. Here's 15 times she proved herself to be the ultimate style icon.

Leather staples, androgyny, motif t-shirt dresses, bouffant hair, it's all down to Debbie Harry. To celebrate the legendary punk rocker turning 70, we're digging out her signature looks. And hoping that one day, just one day we might wake up and be half as cool as her.

Here's 15 times she proved she was the ultimate style icon.

When she turned an Andy Warhol tribute tee into a stage costume

When she made blue gloves a thing

When she was as pink as she was punk

When she made the bowling hat cool

When she pulled off big bangs

When she used her gold jumpsuit move

When she did the barcode tee and it wasn't a faux pas WTF

When she was obsessed with animal print

When she did punky leather

When she went ahead and did skin tight stripes even though the world said it was wrong

When she pulled of the snapback

And personalised zip hoodies (with KNEE HIGHS)

When she went buttoned up like a boss

When Andy Wahol turned her into a print and she was totally cool about it

When she casually did blue tights complete with visor

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