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Waking Up Early? Long Queues? 23 Stages Every Girl Goes Through At A Sample Sale

by Cliche Wynter ,
Waking Up Early? Long Queues? 23 Stages Every Girl Goes Through At A Sample Sale© Pinterest

It's sample sale season! And as all you fashion lovers know, this is both a gift and a curse. While the joy of getting designer goods at a deep discount is enough to get our hearts fluttering, dealing with the chaos of actually buying them is where the stress comes in. Not familiar with the feeling? Well, here are the 23 stages all girls go through at a sample sale.

If shopping is a sport, consider sample sales the Super Bowl of it all. It's where only the elite are privileged enough to attend and survive. We're not even exaggerating. Sh*t gets crazy.

Here's how it all goes down at sample sales.

1. First the date is announced and you're all like...


2. Then you start daydreaming about all the goodies...

Not to mention all the compliments you're going to get.

3. And of course you'll be like

"Oh, this old thing?"

4. Then you snap back to reality

Because it's time to get down to business.

5. So you begin to desperately strategise

How are you going to get out of work? How much money will you spend? Do you go for shoes or clothes first?


6. Now it's time to round up the girls

What's a sample sale without partners in crime?

7. The designers continue to entice you

Pretty much a personal invite, so now you have to be there.

8. It's game day, baby!

You're up at the crack of dawn (that's if you were even able to get some sleep).

9. You arrive and see how long the frickin' line is

And it's only 6 a.m. WTF?!

10. You begin asking yourself if it's worth it

But OF COURSE it is. The smell of expensive clothes bought on the cheap is just...everything.

11. Suddenly you're bonding with strangers

Clothes are awesome. Sales are even more awesome. Everyone is happy until...

12. ...Some random woman queue jumps

The nerve.

13. Then she turns around like...


14. So finally the doors open...

...and MADNESS ensues.

15. Bonds are broken

It's every woman for herself.

16. You spot the item you've been coveting

You zoom on over only to realise..

17. ...It's not your size

Then you literally feel a part of your soul die.

18. Getting undressed in the middle of the room

Public nudity? Sure, why not? Soon everyone is scrambling to see if clothes fit.

19. Fighting for what's yours

Okay, so you finally found something you like AND it fits. Did they really think you would give it up THAT easily? Tuh!

20. Envying the show-off

You know, the chick that's buying ALL the good stuff in EVERY size, leaving nothing for us peasants who have been dreaming of this day for months. Bye, girl!

21. The feeling of sweet, sweet victory

You're low on cash but high on fashion. So worth it.

22. Tweeting & Instagramming your spoils

And pretending like you didn't almost die to get 'em. "LOL, today was fun "

23. But all's well that ends well...

Can you relate to any of these stages? How are you preparing for sample sale season? Tweet us @sofeminineUK

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