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What to Wear If You're Apple Shaped - Style Secrets You NEED To Know

by Cliche Wynter ,
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Women are beautiful no matter what shape or size we come in. However, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy enhancing and showcasing our best assets. For the apple shaped woman, it's important to dress in a manner that balances out your figure. If you're in need of some style tips, we're here to help! Here's what to wear if you're apple shaped.

  1. · Your Apple Shaped Shopping List:
  2. · Below The Belt
  3. · Go With The Flow
  4. · Come Up Short
  5. · Show A Little Leg
  6. · Do It With Flare
  7. · Straight A's
  8. · It's All About The V
  9. · IMPORTANT! Read These Apple Shape Fashion No-Nos....
  10. · Check Out These Apple Shaped Girls For Fashion Inspiration:

Shopping is generally a euphoric experience for all women, amirite? But even good things come with a price (pun very much intended). Yup! Believe it or not, retail therapy can, at times, be considerably stressful. It's something apple shaped girls can definitely relate to.

We're talking about that moment you catch the perfect crop top through the corner of your eyes, and you instantly fall in love. A few moments later, your heart is broken when you head to the fitting room and realise it doesn't flatter you at all. Why you, huh? We hate that feeling.

Because you're an apple shaped woman, meaning you're bigger on top with a fuller midsection, you want to emphasize your best assets: your legs and bust, while taking attention away from a thicker middle.

Here are a few style secrets to kick your wardrobe into high gear!

Your Apple Shaped Shopping List:

  • Belts
  • Flowy Tops
  • Flared jeans
  • Short shorts
  • V-neck tops
  • A-line skirts
  • Short dresses

Below The Belt

Since your apple shape means you have a fuller midsection, it's always important to try to define your waist. The quickest and simplest way to do this? BELTS.

We love how Jessica Simpson added an extra bit of pop to her printed frock with a black belt.

Go With The Flow

When it comes to tops, think loose and free-flowing. Most shirts that fall away from your stomach will help conceal the areas you're most insecure about. The best part? They're very breathable, so there's very little to worry about in the comfort department.

Come Up Short

Now is the time to show off those gorgeous gams! Feel free to splurge on a bevy of short shorts. Your legs should be a key focal point when you're getting dressed, as those pins soar so will your sex appeal.

Show A Little Leg

If you're not a huge fan of shorts, no worries! You can also showcase your lean legs with a short dress. The revealed skin will help draw eyes to your lower half and away from your broad shoulders and fuller midsection.

Do It With Flare

If you're a girl who falls under the apple body type, aim for pants and jeans that are either flared or boot cut. The extra width provides more attention to your lower half and helps balance out your figure.

Straight A's

Go with A-line skirts and dresses. They are nipped in at the waist and flare out; a perfect way to give the illusion of a proportioned body. We love how feminine and flirty they are as well.

It's All About The V

V-necklines are flattering on almost every body type. They work for the apple shaped woman because it draws more attention to her bust, and takes away from her broader shoulders.

IMPORTANT! Read These Apple Shape Fashion No-Nos....

Want to make sure you're not a walking fashion faux pas? Then avoid these items.

  • Crop Tops
  • Skinny jeans
  • Capri shorts
  • Turtle Necks
  • Busy patterns
  • Ruffles

Check Out These Apple Shaped Girls For Fashion Inspiration:

Queen Latifah © Getty
Queen Latifah
See album

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