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What To Wear If You're Pear-Shaped - The Style Secrets Every Pear Shaped Girl NEEDS To Know

by Cliche Wynter Published on 17/08/2014 at 10:15
What To Wear If You're Pear-Shaped - The Style Secrets Every Pear Shaped Girl NEEDS To Know © Getty

If only the world were a perfect place where we all looked like Jennifer Lawrence. *Sighs* Since it's not, we're forced to face our imperfections on a daily basis. For pear-shaped girls the struggle comes with finding pieces that perfectly complement their amazing hips. While this can be tough, there's no need to worry! Here are the style secrets every pear-shaped girl needs to know.

Sometimes being a pear-shaped girl can be frustrating. Sure it's a blessing to have hips that don't lie but there are moments when you don't want the extra attention that comes with having a curvy lower half.

So what's the trick to giving off the illusion that all your body parts are in proportion? It all boils down to nailing a few style secrets.

Here's how to dress your pear-shaped figure.

Your pear-shaped girl shopping list:

  • Longer shirts
  • Embellished tops
  • Proper bras
  • Dark jeans
  • Straight/wide leg trousers
  • Statement jewellery

Go long

Longer shirts and blazers are a must for girls with a heavier lower half. The extra length will gently graze over the hips and give them a smaller appearance. As Bey so beautifully demonstrates, it works wonders!

Embellish a little

Try to distract people from your pear-shape by bringing their eyes to an embellished top. Think studs and sequins. This isn't the time to be a Plain Jane - go BOLD!

It's all about the bra

For us women, bras can make or break our entire outfit. This is especially true for women who are curvier on the bottom. To even out your figure, aim for padded undergarments, as it gives the illusion of a bigger bust.

Yay for bigger boobs!

Get wild with wide leg trousers

Try to avoid wearing skinny jeans and narrow leg trousers if you want to disguise your pear shape. We love J. Lo's look here: it's total chic sophistication.

Don't be afraid of the dark

A fashion rule every woman needs to know: black is slimming. When you're trying to hide your curvier side, go dark with your denim.

Double the fun

If you want to wear a shorter shirt, body-hugging dress, or tight skirt, but still want to downplay your hips, try doubling up and layering. It will be just another item your girlfriends will go crazy over!

Make a statement

Statement jewellery always saves the day! They can practically do no wrong. Allow a bold necklace or an extravagant pair of earrings to take centre stage in your outfit.

Pear shape? What pear shape? That's how quickly people will forget.

IMPORTANT! Read These Pear-Shaped Girl Fashion No-Nos....

Now that we've filled you in on what to wear, it's only right we let you know what items to stay away from.

If you want to downplay your derrière, these pieces just aren't for you.

  • Extra tight trousers
  • Skinny jeans
  • Short tops
  • Mini skirts
  • Body-con dresses

Check out these pear-shaped girls for fashion inspiration:

Beyoncé © Getty

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