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Celebrate Pride Month With These Awesome Rainbow Pits

by Pascale Day ,
Celebrate Pride Month With These Awesome Rainbow Pits© Instagram/caitlinfordhair

Hairstylist Caitlyn Ford doesn't mess around when it comes to colouring. The St Louis-based 'dresser has got her customers covered for Pride Month with vivid and flamboyant rainbow pits to get right in the pride spirit.

When you go to Pride festival, you wanna be covered head-to-toe with Pride colours. Your body needs to be Lisa Frank levels of colourful. Shower glitter in your hair and paint rainbows on your cheeks. And as for your underarms? Well, now they can get in on the action, too.

"My client wanted something fun she could show off while she was out celebrating St. Louis Pride Fest this weekend," Stylist Caitlyn Ford told Allure. So what could be better than transforming her client's armpit hair into a colourful, festive rainbow?

Caitlin said it was her first time dyeing pits but said it was "fun and easy to do". To achieve the look she started by bleaching the hairs and then dying each section blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. The whole process was put up by Caitlin on her Insta stories.

And whilst this might be the first time we've seen rainbow pits, colourful pits are nothing new. A quick search on Instagram brings up a wealth of gorgeous and vibrant underarms.

Flashback to last year for this visual because it compliments the sentiment of what I need to say. Be you. Unapologetically. But (!!!) learn about how life is for others. Be political, be loud, silly, angry, sad. Stand for your ideas and morals. Make waves. Stay still. Do the things that bring you joy. Grow your hair or remove it. Tell that person who's being awful to piss off. Give yourself weird botched haircuts and dye jobs. Smile at strangers. Alter old clothes and make them new again, even (especially) if others tell you that they look bad. Grow. Go study and get qualifications (or don't). Move town. Settle down. Never settle. Start school. Leave school. Get lost. Make a home. Leave home. Get piercings and tattoos if you want. Mod yourself or let yourself grow in the ways that you see fit. Walk away. Change your mind. Answer to your conscience alone. Stick it out. Look, be, and act the way you choose. You don't have to like the things that everyone else likes. Quit your job. Struggle. Make difficult decisions. Evolve. You're allowed to be into 'shitty bands' (or films, whatever) and be proud of that. Leave situations that feel wrong or people that treat you bad. Tell strangers your life story. Learn better and do better. Be compassionate. Make your own boundaries. Decide what's important for you and you alone. Take no shit. Everyone has an opinion, yours is the most (if not the only) important one. Ramble on the internet. Or don't. It's your life. Fin.

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Now all we've got to do it grow our hair out down there.

Are you tempted to do rainbow pits? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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