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Is your hairdresser more important than your husband?

by Lareese Craig ,
Is your hairdresser more important than your husband?© Pinterest

How much does a haircut mean to you? More than your house? More than your husband? According to some, it does! The average woman's relationship with her hairdresser will last longer than her marriage but do you really value the person who does your six week trim than you do your hubby?

Trusting someone with your tresses is a big deal so it's no wonder so many of us are attached to our hairdressers - but according to a new survey the amount of love and trust we put into our relationship with our hairdressers could rival that of our husbands.

A new survey revealed more than 50% of women rated their hairdresser one of the ten most important people in their life and nearly one in ten said living close to their stylist would be a deal breaker if they moved house. It's that serious.

British women typically keep the same hairdresser for around 12 years and five months (wowzers), that's almost a year longer than the average marriage of 11 years and six months.

One woman said: "It takes absolutely ages to find the perfect stylist who cuts your hair just the way you like it, so when you do eventually find the right person, you don’t want to let them go."

She has a point! How many times have you tried a last minute appointment at a new salon and walked away

Finding The One (in hairdresser terms) can be a tricky game, but the longer you're with a hairdresser the more they gauge what suits you, how far you'll experiment with your locks - plus they know exactly how you take your tea!

Just a quick survey of the sofeminine office tells you we're pretty much ready to elope with our hair stylists.

Maybe you travel for hours to get your hair done by your fave hairdresser? Or are you a scissor happy anything-goes kinda girl? Tweet us @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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