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blow LTD Review: The One Stop Shop For Fast Beauty?

by Ursula Dewey Published on 06/11/2014 at 16:00
blow LTD Review: The One Stop Shop For Fast Beauty? © Blow LTD

Fast beauty is something of a trend right now - it seems we can't look our best fast enough. It's true that we're more time poor than ever, so it makes sense that savvy entrepreneurs are setting up salon-shops where you can pop in and out for beauty on the go. We decided to put one to the test, and weren't expecting to feel how we did after 50 minutes at blow LTD.

When you're a girl on the go you need to look your best without it taking a whole chunk out of your day, but getting all those grooming and maintenance things done at the same time is easier said than done.

Fighting with your hair in the mornings, chipping your mani and stressing while putting your makeup on in the tube - sound familiar? It doesn't bode well for that flawless look we all try to achieve when heading to the office or an important meeting.

So what to do? The fast beauty philosophy embraces practicality and beauty and realises that we're all in a bit of a hurry and no one offers a more complete, comprehensive service than blow LTD.

blow LTD is the brain child of entrepreneur Dharmash Mistry and former Elle and Grazia editor Fiona McIntosh. It takes the New York blow bar idea to a whole new level. At blow LTD you can get your hair blow dried, tonged or styled into an updo in only 30 minutes and for only £25. The prices are good and the stylists are all trained to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

But it's not just blow dries, at blow LTD you can also have your nails done at the same time and if you need you can have full makeup done in only 20 minutes.

To get my head around the fast beauty trend I had to try it out for myself, so I headed to their brand new salon at Jubliee Place in Canary Wharf. Should beauty treatments - which are traditionally pampering and luxurious be squished into a tiny time slot? Would it be a stressful experience with stylists scrapping at your hair frantically and smudging your mani, or could it be the perfect solution to look pristine and put together without taking all day?

I tried it out expecting it to feel rushed - how can you feel treated if the aim of the game is to be fast?

© Blow LTD

I booked in for a blow-dry, nails and full makeup - to see how much of a transformation could be achieved and I have to say I was surprised.

At no point did the experience feel time pressured or chaotic. I simply turned up, chose a hairstyle, sat down and had a drink while my hair stylist got to work on my mane (transforming my poker straight hair into be beachy waves) and a manicurist look my nails in hand and polished them to perfection.


Within half an hour my hair was tumbling about me with a ton of waves and curls and my polish was dry. Time to get my makeup done. I chose the Day makeup look from the menu and asked if it could be intensified a little and my makeup artist Anna was happy to oblige, we had a chat about all the beauty products they use (and sell) and I was impressed by the product knowledge and the quality.

From well-loved makeup brands like Laura Mercier and Kerastase to exciting brands like Jouer and Eyeko, they only use and stock products which they've tested, trialled and fallen in love with themselves, so you can be confident of having only the industry's finest on your face.

The blow LTD Hair Menu

The hair and makeup menus are comprehensive too so you can easily pick a look that suits you. I chose the Beachy Blow and was left with out of this world curls.

After 50minutes in the blow LTD chair I was literally a different woman. I came in looking more shab than fab and left feeling like I was ready for a wind machine and my very own music video.

The magic of hair and makeup - you can never underestimate it - and blow LTD certainly don't.

They promised to keep it timely and it was, and what's more, I felt valued and pampered. They wanted to make me look my best, tweaking the treatment to suit my hair type and skin tone and preferences. For bespoke beauty on the go, you can't do better.

blow LTD have two beautiful stores at the moment - one in Covent Garden and a brand new one in Canary Wharf where you can enjoy a 20% discount to celebrate the new launch! With extended opening hours from 7am to 9pm blow LTD is there when you need. Seriously - go blow and try it for yourself!

© Blow LTD

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Ursula Dewey
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